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Meet up with the Galactic Rangers and Infiltrate the factory are missions in Ratchet & Clank (2016 game) taking place in Skorg City on planet Quartu. After Ratchet and Clank destroyed the blarg battleships on Batalia, Captain Qwark tasked the Galactic Rangers to attack Chairman Drek's warbot factory on the blarg homeworld of Quartu.


Upon arrival, the mission "Infiltrate the factory commences" after a cutscene. You land on a platform, use the Swingshot to traverse the versa-targets to head up to a platform with a Gadgetron vendor. The Buzz Blades become available, a powerful and versatile weapon useful against most types of threats, as it fires numerous blades that spin throughout a room. If you have not already purchased the Warmonger or Plasma Striker, however, they should be prioritized. Purchase the Buzz Blades if you can afford it. Spend any Raritanium on upgrades, than take the Swingshot up to the next platform.

This platform contains several chompers released from a blarg generator, destroy them and wait for Cora Veralux to flip a switch on the other side. Once she does, the bridge will extend, and you can head to the compound in front of the factory. A large group of warbots and some blarg troopers appear here. A good tactic is to stand around the large boxes and use the Plasma Striker or Warmonger to hit the warbots from a distance, and then run in when fewer enemies are available to clean up the rest. Additionally, a turret can be found operated by a blarg trooper, so you can use a Groovitron to disable them, and use the turret yourself, though be aware this will leave you prone to attacks.

At this point, you will find the door leading inside is locked by an orange forcefield. However, to the right of a door is a stack of boxes leading to a hole. Jump up to these, and Clank will go inside to investigate, beginning the mission "Disable the security lasers".