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Infiltrare the Weapons Facility is a mission in Up Your Arsenal, taking place in the research facility, Daxx. Dr. Nefarious and Lawrence beamed a transmission on board the Starship Phoenix, which Al traced back to planet Daxx. Sasha Phyronix sent Ratchet and Clank to explore Daxx' research facility, and Al noted that the facility had two high-security terminals. One of these was in the main facility itself.

"Infiltrate the Weapons Facility" is one of two missions that can be completed on Daxx upon arrival, the other being "Explore the Docks". From where your ship lands, it is also possible to complete an optional segment near the start, that will allow you to obtain the Charge Boots and the Plumber trophy. A titanium bolt can be acquired on the path for this mission.


At the Gadgetron vendor, no new weapons are available. While you should consider purchasing any weapons you have not already purchased, if you find this mission challenging, it is definitely worth returning to the Starship Phoenix to purchase some armor. Armor is more important than strong weaponry for this mission, and shortly afterwards, you will have the opportunity to earn a lot more bolts in new Annihilation Nation challenges anyway.

After reaching the fork near the second Gadgetron vendor, take the path left using the elevator upwards, where you will encounter a group of soldier bots. These are tough, well-armored enemies that will fire five plasma shots at you that will travel slowly through the air and deal considerable damage, but are easy enough to dodge. Medium to long-range weapons are best against them, and if possible, the Flux Rifle can destroy them before they even target Ratchet. Destroy this group and head forward, and a flying guard bot will appear. This is a hovering enemy that will fire a rapid-fire machine gun that follows you and does considerable damage. Once again, the Flux Rifle is effective against it if you can fire it quickly, otherwise, you should use any other weapon.

Head right into a room with more soldiers. Clear them out, and to the left past the ledge are more solider bots as well as sharpshooters, enemies which will lock onto you with a laser before firing a powerful blast. The sharpshooters stand from a vantage point, making it necessary to use long-range weapons against them. Again, if you have the Flux Rifle, you can simply defeat them from a distance before they even target you. Otherwise, make sure to side flip often to avoid the attack and shoot them. Scout bots also appear, small, slow-moving melee enemies that will attack you on approach; these are easily dealt with using weapons such as the Plasma Whip, and Suck Cannon, and pose little threat.

Past this, press the switch to open a gate, where more enemies are found just behind it. Soldier bots, scout bots, and a guard bot will appear. Defeat them all, and down to the left, you will find another balcony, with more soldier bots and a guard bot. Use the Hypershot to cross to a group of scout bots and a Hacker terminal. After you complete it, you will be inside the main facility.

Destroy the soldier bots in this room, and then head right to destroy the sharpshooters in the next, being able to dodge constantly. Complete another Hacker puzzle to get inside to the final room of this mission, a long room with pillars either side. An inferno crate is found here; use it if needed to defeat the many soldier bots and try to destroy the two sharpshooters at the end of the room, then clean up the rest. Use the Hacker at the end to complete the mission.

If you have not already done so, it is a good idea to complete "Explore the Docks" while still on Daxx. Otherwise, you can now head to Obani Gemini for "Repair the Satellite laser links".

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