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You must hack the control unit for the spotlight and position it in place to gain access to the cathedral.
— In-game summary, DL
Infiltrate the Cathedral

Infiltrate the Cathedral was the first challenge on Kronos. It involved fighting towards an arena and then hacking into a node to complete opening half of the Dark Cathedral.


Up ahead is a mounted turret. After fighting your way through the first few enemies in the area, you can hop onto the turret and take down any dropships that appear. Alternatively, you can just use your weapons to take down the dropships. However, the turret supplies an infinite amount of ammo for you to use on your foes.

As you head further down the path, you'll spot another turret being manned by an enemy gunner. Either snipe him from where you are or rush up to him, take him out and claim the turret. Beyond this area is small arena of enemies. After clearing them out, the door will open up, allowing you to proceed through.

In order to cross the gap, you will need to have your combat bots trigger a grind rail. Press right on the D-pad to have your bots deploy a grind rail, then just hop onto it and grind over to the next platform. You will then come across the nodes that must be hacked. You must fend off the waves of enemies while your bots do the hacking. After the hack is finished, the mission is complete.