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An Imperial Cruiser personally piloted by Emperor Tachyon in Metropolis

The Imperial Cruisers were the warships that made up the armada of the Great Cragmite Empire under Tachyon. The fleet consisted of thousands of ships piloted by Drophyd, and later also Cragmite, troopers. One ship, Tachyon's Imperial Cruiser, was usually piloted by Emperor Tachyon himself, from which he commanded the armada while his lieutenant enforced the ground troops. They occupied the skies of many worlds either controlled or under attack by Tachyon and his empire.

Like most of the other weapons and vehicles in Tachyon's army, the Imperial Cruisers were created from advanced Lombax technology.



Imperial Cruisers had two wing flaps on either side of their posterior with twin jets under each, three orange arched flaps atop their posterior, ramps that opened at the front to enter and exit the vessels, gold window viewpoints where the pilots were, and three canons in front of the wings on their underside, the two cannons on the left and fire missiles, whilest the third cannon directly under the cockpit fires Lasers Laser Blasts and Plasma Beams used in combat as well as balls of fire when bombarding planet surfaces. The interior of a cruiser consisted of a cabin with the empire's symbol on the back wall and pads on the floor beneath both pilot seats, two operating chairs at the front, a dashboard with controls at the left seat as well as a video screen and air vent through which the computer could pump cryosleep to put the pilot to sleep during autopilot when going into hyperspace.

Tachyon's Imperial Cruiser

Imperial campaign

Emperor Tachyon's Imperial Cruiser pursuing Ratchet and Clank

Emperor Tachyon took control of these warships, utilized by the original forces of the Great Cragmite Empire, when he set out to allow his evil brethren to rise again. They flew in the skies above all planets subject to Tachyon's tyranny. He dispatched a fleet to Kerwan in the Solana Galaxy when hunting down Ratchet, the last known Lombax in the universe, personally piloting a cruiser himself during his assault on Metropolis. As the ships bombarded the surface and destroyed many structures from above during the city's rush hour, Ratchet fled from the Drophyd forces on the grindrails and dodged the Plasma Beams fired by the emperor's ship as it closed in on him. It was at this point that Tachyon's lieutenant ordered ground units to cease pursuit of the Lombax.

Eventually, the rails ended at a platform where Drophyds surrounded the duo. The cruiser then landed and Tachyon revealed himself to Ratchet and Clank, emerging from the cruiser atop his walking throne. After a brief conversation, Ratchet managed to hurl Clank to the open ramp behind Tachyon so that he could board the ship and start the engine. He then knocked Tachyon's throne over and escape in the cruiser as the Drophyds opened fire. Once in space, the warship's autopilot activated. The hyperspace boosters then came online and the computer pumped cryosleep into the cabin, promptly putting Ratchet to sleep. Clank then chuckled, because cryosleep did not work on robots; he was then knocked out by an automatic boxing glove in the dashboard.

The cruiser went into hyperspace and brought the duo to the Polaris Galaxy, where Emperor Tachyon followed them. The warship soon crashed on planet Cobalia, having run out fuel and being stuck in a wall of boulders. Ratchet and Clank, after regaining consciousness, left the wreckage to find a way back to Kerwan. They soon discovered Tachyon's war to bring back the Cragmites and take complete control of Polaris, becoming part of the resistance to end his reign. They traveled to a number of worlds in the galaxy in attempts to halt Tachyon's imperial advance, and the emperor declared them fugitives responsible for 'countless' crimes against the empire, including theft of an Imperial Cruiser.

Final battle

Tachyon was later in another cruiser on Fastoon where he confronted Ratchet, Clank, Talwyn, Cronk, and Zephyr. He told Ratchet that he would give him answers to his past in the Court of Azimuth. He then laughed maniacally, but was interrupted as the cruiser attempted to fly away and bump into a cliff and building a few times, while Tachyon was shouting "Son of a…!" in anger, before finally leaving. After Ratchet defeated Tachyon, the Cragmites were once again banished; it is unknown what became of the Drophyd soldiers or the warship armada.