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Igliak was a planet in the Praxus Sector of Polaris, orbiting a star. It was the home of Meridian City, formerly the capital of Free Polaris and later the Polaris galaxy itself, and Luminopolis,[1] both possibly being some of the largest cities in the Polaris Galaxy. Igliak was also the seat of the Galactic President of Polaris.


Great War

During the Great War of Polaris, the warbot Zephyr was stationed in the Zenith Outpost in Meridian City. Later, during the perilous Phylax intrusion, he was joined by another warbot named Cronk, who later became his lifetime partner. The two were later sent on a mission to secure a Gelatonium Refinery on the planet to be able to transport fuel to the Meridian Armory.

Tools of Destruction

When Emperor Percival Tachyon rose to power, the government and citizens of Meridian City refused to accept his control. Meridian City soon became the capital of Free Polaris, consisting of all planets and sectors not yet under Tachyon's control. Tachyon longed for years to seize control of the city, but even his large Drophyd armies were no match for the combined forces of the free planets in the Verdigris Sector.

However, when Tachyon used the Dimensionator to bring back his long-lost race of Cragmites, his first action was to lead an attack on Meridian City. Over a quarter of the city was destroyed by the Cragmites' dropships. Ratchet and Clank went there to help suppress the invasion, and eventually succeeded: making Igliak the capital of the Polaris galaxy.

All 4 One

After the Cragmite invasion, Igliak became the seat of the Galactic President, which was now Qwark. With Meridian City not being the only large city on the planet, the lumenoid powered city of Luminopolis was attacked by a Light Eating Z'Grute that was released by Dr. Nefarious, yet only to backfire on himself. Ratchet, Clank, Qwark and Nefarious joined forces to defeat the Z'Grute - weakening it in front of Zogg Tower and eventually preventing it from accessing a major power source in the city (which caused a major blackout) and therefore killing the Z'Grute. However, the Creature Collector or Ephemeris arrived and snatched not only the Z'Grute but also Ratchet and the others and took them to Magnus.

Into the Nexus

In order to rescue Vendra Prog and banish the nethers back to their dimension, Ratchet and Clank went to the Intergalactic Museum of History in Meridian City to retrieve the Dimensionator. After sneaking through the museum, they gave the device to Neftin Prog so that he and Pollyx could fix it.

However, Mr. Eye realized that there was another Dimensionator and soon led an assault on Meridian City to destroy it. After Ratchet and Clank defeated the forces in the city center, Mr. Eye decided to personally destroy the device by heading to Neftin and Pollyx's position. Ratchet and Clank intercepted the Nether Leader to keep him away from the device. Ratchet and Clank then devised a two-fold plan by having Ratchet fight Nether Leader while Clank searched for Vendra in the Netherverse. Mr. Eye obliterated a part of the city as he tried to kill Ratchet. After a long lengthy battle, Ratchet stunned Mr. Eye and knocked him into a tower. Clank and Vendra returned from the Netherverse and Vendra used her powers to send Mr. Eye and the Nethers back into their dimension.

Native Wildlife

Despite being a large city world, Igliak is home to many creatures. Here are ones known to exist.

Hostile Creatures

  • Lumenoid: These odd jellyfish/fish like creatures generate electric impusles. They are incredibly valuble, as they power all of Luminopolis, a city named after them. They are; however, not to friendly in person, as they shock creatures that they deem as a threat. One smack is enough to kill them. These creatures also make a good snack for hungry Z'Grute.
  • Light Eating Z'Grute: A large beast that feeds off electric, it is extremly rare. It was frozen in hypersleep, but the Dr. Nefarious had Lawrence free it to kill President Qwark, only to have it destroy the doctor's ship. It then went on a rampage using electic attacks throughout Luminopolis until the 4 brought it down using Zogg Tower. It attracts the attention of the Creature Collector shortly after and is captured along with the 4 heroes. It is eaten later by the Grivelnox near the end of the game. It might be native to Igliak.
  • Undead Zombie Dung Dragons (Never Fought): Apparenly once exiesting on Igliak due to the radioactive sun, these creatures ambushed Cronk and Zephyr in a Gelatonium Refinery on the planet. They were defeated using toilet paper and an old spork. They are never seen or fought by Ratchet.

Other Creatures

  • Krull: A creature found in the waters of Igliak, often fished for. It's never seen by Ratchet and Clank, as it's only mentioned.
  • Igliak Heli-Grub: A Heli-Grub very similar to those found on planet Merdegraw. Used as light bulbs for street lamps by the citizens of Luminopolis.


  • Krull were often caught in the waters of Igliak.
  • Igliak is pronounced Ig lee ack
  • Igliak has been invaded three times in the series. Once by Emperor Tachyon, once by The Loki Master and once by Mr. Eye.


Tools of Destruction

All 4 One


Into the Nexus


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