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The IRIS Supercomputer was an ancient supercomputer, and the largest and most powerful in the history of the Polaris Galaxy.[1] It was located in the Kreeli Comet. IRIS provided Ratchet and Clank with important information.


IRIS, embedded in the Kreeli Comet. The large brown object in the foreground is a space pirate ship; the black dome shaped object farther back with long spikes is IRIS

Pre-Tools of Destruction

IRIS was built eons ago, long before even Ratchet arrived in the Polaris Galaxy. By the time of Ratchet's birth, its purpose and the identity of its creators had long been forgotten. However, it was known that Terachnoids aided in its construction.[2] IRIS once served as the ultimate search engine for the universe, but was later claimed by space pirates and was sealed off from the public. During this time, IRIS fell under the control of Captain Romulus Slag, who claimed that use of the IRIS was restricted to "educational purposes only." The crew was not allowed to download games, music or alternative cinema without Slag's approval. However, it is doubtful that space pirates ever properly used IRIS during this time—Slag disallowed his crew to use math, much less pursue other academics.[3] Instead, the pirates scavenged valuable metals from IRIS.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

The IRIS Supercomputer's damaged vector shell

While undercover in Percival Tachyon's Imperial Army, Captain Qwark found an infobot containing a video about IRIS from the Polaris Compendium of Historical Importantness. Believing it to be a clue, Qwark gave it to Ratchet and Clank. Thinking that IRIS could know the location of the Dimensionator, Ratchet and Clank set off for the Kreeli Comet, where IRIS resided.

Ratchet and Clank fought their way through space pirate camps, entered the comet's icy caves, and found IRIS. They discovered that IRIS had been damaged by the space pirates who had looted precious metals from its circuitry. With the aid of the Zoni, Clank entered IRIS and repaired its damaged vector shell. These repairs allowed IRIS' power cells to function at 8% capacity.

Ratchet speaking to IRIS

When reactivated, IRIS greeted Ratchet by name, and added that it had been expecting him. When asked, IRIS gave the duo information about the Dimensionator and its role in the Great War, as well as information about Tachyon. IRIS revealed that the Dimensionator had been relocated to Kerchu City by Max Apogee. IRIS shut down before Ratchet could ask anything else. Shortly afterwards, IRIS was able to answer more questions. The one question IRIS could not answer was, "Where did the Lombaxes go?" IRIS apologized when asked this, and stated that the data had been deleted from its memory banks.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty

IRIS, speaking to Ratchet and Talwyn about Angstrom Darkwater

After Clank was taken by the Zoni, Ratchet returned to IRIS with Talwyn Apogee in search of his pal. IRIS informed the two of Angstrom Darkwater, an old space pirate captain who possessed the key to the Zoni dimension. What IRIS did not mention was that Darkwater had since been killed by his former first mate, Slag.


IRIS possessed incredible knowledge, and had an IQ of 3 billion. It knew the last digit of Pi, and was even able to locate the banished Cragmites, who resided in a different dimension. This expansive knowledge gave it the eerie ability to predict future events.


  • IRIS was made of 3.2 trillion parts, making it the second most complicated piece of machinery in the known universe behind the Great Clock with 4.3 trillion parts.
  • There is an easter egg near IRIS on the Kreeli Comet. If you Razor Claw up the side of the wall at the entrance to IRIS, you can find a teddy bear sitting against a pillar. Teddy bears can also be found in space depots in A Crack in Time..
  • The IRIS Supercomputer ran on PK-17 sisterboards with a raritanium vector shell. The only other computer with this setup was the computer that governed the Great Clock.[4]
  • Videos of Nefarious, Alonzo Drek, Clank's birth on Quartu, and Courtney Gears' music video could be seen on various screens around IRIS, among other things.
  • IRIS had an IQ of 3 billion, the equivalent of 170 Terachnoid Sages or 3 billion holo-net fanboys.
  • IRIS may have gotten its name from the Iris, a thin, circular structure in the eye, as the IRIS Supercomputer looks like an Iris with a pupil in the middle.

Behind the scenes

Notes and references

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