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The Hypnotist[1] is a character in Going Commando. He is a mysterious man living in Allgon City on planet Damosel, who constructed the Hypnomatic from three separate parts. He has a tortoise-like face, light green skin, spiky black hair, a goatee, and wears a t-shirt. However, in place of his left hand is a sock puppet with eyes and a long beak-like mouth, which has its own personality. While the Hypnotist appears sleepy, the puppet is apparently capable of hypnosis, being able to put the main head to sleep after contradicting him.

Ratchet and Clank with the Hypnotist.

Ratchet and Clank encountered the Hypnotist in Allgon City at the end of "Save the overrun planet". When they found him, he appeared to be sleepy, while his sock puppet was trying to hypnotize him to sleep. The sock puppet recommended a Hypnomatic to them. He then offered to make it for free if they provided the three parts, which the sock puppet contradicted offering instead to make it for "a very small fee", putting the Hypnomatic to sleep.[2] After finding all three parts, the Hypnotist created the Hypnomatic for 10,000 bolts, and the two were able to use the Hypnomatic on Receiver Bots. The Hypnotist then left on a taxi.

The Hypnotist later attended the movie premiere of the Secret Agent Clank film.

Behind the scenes

The Hypnotist is voiced by James Arnold Taylor, the voice of Ratchet, while the puppet is voiced by David Kaye, the voice of Clank.[3]


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