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The Hypnomatic is a gadget in Going Commando. It allows Ratchet to activate and control receiver Bots, which are in turn used to activate a remote switch and allow Ratchet to access an area.

The Hypnomatic requires three Hypnomatic parts:

After this, Ratchet must present all three parts to the Hypnotist found in Allgon City, and pay 10,000 bolts to construct it.



A receiver bot

Using the Hypnomatic activates and controls a receiver bot, which can last for a brief period of time. The receiver bot can attack with Square to fire or self-destruct, but its primary function is normally to activate a switch to open a door for Ratchet. Taking damage will reduce the receiver bot's time, though a receiver bot can also hypnotise other receiver bots if the player presses Circle when aiming the first receiver bot at another one nearby.

Receiver bots can only be controlled if they feature satellite dishes on their head. Some receiver bots which lack this feature only as enemies for Ratchet's receiver bot to destroy instead.

The Hypnomatic can be used on receiver bots found in Damosel, Grelbin and Yeedil.

Behind the scenes

After obtaining a Hypnomatic part on Damosel, Clank performs a dance similar to Daxter's dance move in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy after acquiring a power cell.