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The Hypnomatic is a gadget in Going Commando. It allows Ratchet to activate and control Receiver Bots, which are in turn used to activate a remote switch and allow Ratchet to access an area. The Hypnomatic requires three parts to be constructed.


The Hypnomatic parts were spread across three locations. The first part was obtained during "Search the Distribution Facility" on Smolg. The second was collected in Allgon City, Damosel, during "Ride the train rails", after reaching the end of a series of grind rails. The third was collected in Grelbin in "Trade moonstones for Hypnomatic Part", after the Mystic gave it to Ratchet in exchange for sixteen moonstones.

Once all three parts were obtained, Ratchet found the Hypnotist at the end of the mission "Save the overrun planet". He offered to build the Hypnomatic if Ratchet brought him all three parts, and paid a 10,000 bolts fee. Shortly after acquiring it, Ratchet used the Hypnomatic to control a Receiver Bot in the park nearby to activate a switch and bring a taxi to take him back to his ship. He also used it to collect a platinum bolt on both Damosel and Grelbin.

Ratchet using the Hypnomatic on a Receiver Bot.

Ratchet used the Hypnomatic on Grelbin during "Find Angela", in which controlling Receiver Bots was essential to navigate the factory and reach Angela's house. Later, in "Break into Megacorp Headquarters" on Yeedil, Ratchet used the Hypnomatic to control a series of Receiver Bots to bypass the defenses and activate a switch that raised two versa-targets, allowing him to use the Swingshot to enter the Megacorp Headquarters.


The Hypnomatic only works on susceptible Receiver Bots, indicated by the satellite dishes on their head. Receiver Bots can only be controlled if they feature satellite dishes on their head. Some Receiver Bots which lack this feature only as enemies for Ratchet's Receiver Bot to destroy instead. The control lasts only for a brief period of thirty seconds, which decreases even more when damage is taken.

A Receiver Bot attacking enemies.

The Receiver Bot can attack with Square to fire or self-destruct with Triangle, but its primary function is normally to activate a switch to allow Ratchet to progress. Receiver Bots can also hypnotize other Receiver Bots if the player presses Circle when aiming the first Receiver Bot at another susceptible one nearby.

Behind the scenes

After obtaining a Hypnomatic part on Damosel, Clank performs a dance similar to Daxter's dance move in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy after acquiring a power cell.

During "Find Angela", the Hypnomatic would have been used a final time at the end of the mission, as the path to her house would have been blocked before defeating a miniboss.[1] The boss was removed as a last minute decision in order to save memory, as Grelbin's memory issues were preventing a build from being complete.[2]


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