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The Hypershot is a gadget in Up Your Arsenal, Deadlocked, and Size Matters. It is a wrist-mounted green gadget that serves as a fusion of both Gadgetron's Swingshot and Megacorp's Dynamo gadgets, firing out a green energy cable from its antenna used to swing and grapple onto versa-targets, or to activate temporary holographic platforms.

The Hypershot is obtained after completing Helga von Streissenburgen's VR Deck training course and given to Ratchet for free. It is initially available in Deadlocked and Size Matters.


Much like the Swingshot, the Hypershot latches onto green floating orbs known as versa-targets with a green energy cable. These exist in the form of swinging targets and versa-targets. Ratchet holds down Circle to either swing from a target or pull himself towards it, which is used to traverse platforms.

Similarly, the Hypershot can activate green Dynamo triggers, much like the Dynamo could. These creates temporary, green, holographic platforms to stand on and jump between.

The Hypershot is automatically equipped when Ratchet presses Circle while aiming at a versa-target or a Dynamo trigger.

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