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The Hypershot is a gadget in Up Your Arsenal and Size Matters. It is a wrist-mounted green gadget that serves as a fusion of both Gadgetron's Swingshot and Megacorp's Dynamo gadgets, firing out a green energy cable from its antenna used to swing and grapple onto versa-targets, or to activate temporary holographic platforms.


Up Your Arsenal

Helga showing Ratchet and Clank her training course.

The Hypershot was offered by Helga von Streissenburgen along with the Hacker. During "Complete VR Gadget Training", Ratchet completed Helga's VR deck training course on the Starship Phoenix, allowing him to obtain the Hypershot. Shortly after this, during "Explore the Docks" on Daxx, Ratchet used the Hypershot to navigate the docks and run from the Warship.

Ratchet used the Hypershot in various missions following this. In the crash site on Zeldrin, Ratchet used the Hypershot to attach to a distant versa-target on the crashed Leviathan and obtain the nano-pak. Additionally, Ratchet used the Hypershot to obtain hidden titanium bolts on Aquatos, Tyhrranosis, Obani Gemini, and Kerwan.

Size Matters

Ratchet began the adventure with the Hypershot initially in his possession, and used it on many occasions. Notably, in Ratchet's Dreamtime sequence, the Sprout-O-Matic nourished mimic plants that formed plants with Captain Qwark's head as fruit, which when hit would create Hypershot targets.


Ratchet using the Hypershot.

Much like the Swingshot, the Hypershot latches onto green floating orbs with a green energy cable. The player holds down Circle to either swing from a target or pull himself towards a vera-target. The orbs are used to traverse between long gaps and platforms. The Hypershot can also activate green Dynamo triggers, much like the Dynamo could. Said triggers typically activate a connected platform, which unfolds, allowing Ratchet to stand on them. In one case on Obani Gemini a trigger disables a nearby forcefield.

The Hypershot is automatically equipped when Ratchet presses Circle while aiming at a versa-target or a Dynamo trigger, or when he gets close enough.