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Hydroharvesters are large enemy vessels in Ratchet & Clank (2016 game). They were blargian vessels resembling flying millipedes sent by Drek Industries to absorb water from Pokitaru to be used for New Quartu. These vessels were made up of a dark red front carriage, with two engines to their side, from where they were piloted, and five transparent container tanks filled with water. They absorbed water from the bottom of the containers, which used the pumping station built by the blarg in Pokitaru to drain water from the oceans. This drove the wildlife, including puffoids and telepathopuses, to land to attack guests.

Hydroharvester plans were accidentally revealed by Skidd McMarx in a transmission to his uncle, Agnogg Buckwash while opening his McMarx Sports Shack on Aridia, after which the blarg attacked Aridia, and also attacked Novalis where his uncle was located. Later, Grimroth Razz sent Ratchet and Clank a transmission via infobot to them on Batalia, asking them to help his brother, Felton Razz, on Pokitaru. When they arrived, they found the pumping station on Pokitaru draining water for the hydroharvesters. In "Find the technician", Felton took them to find Al, who had stopped by for a comic book convention, to install a Teslablast weapons kit to their class-g Star Jumper. This included Teslarockets, capable of destroying the harvesters' containers. Next, in "Destroy the hydroharvesters", Ratchet and Clank used the Teslarockets to destroy each of them, causing the blarg to flee.


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