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Using quantum compression technology, the Hydrodisplacer can hold up to 50,000 liters of water. This device is invaluable for draining and filling large pools.

The Hydrodisplacer is a gadget developed by Gadgetron in Ratchet & Clank. It is a handheld gadget that drains and fills pools of water when attached to a plug point, therefore "displacing" it. It makes use of quantum compression technology allowing it to hold up to 50,000 liters of water.[1]

In the original Ratchet & Clank, it can be found by Clank while exploring outside in space in the Blarg Tactical Research Station in Nebula G34. In the 2016 re-imagined Ratchet & Clank, it is found on Aridia instead, after traversing an area with the Swingshot inside Skidd's Sports Shack.


Hydro-Faucet from R&C (2002) render

A Hydro Faucet

The Hydrodisplacer can drain and fill pools of water by interacting with water plug points, allowing Ratchet to clear or fill a pool depending on which is required to progress. Hydro-Faucets are used to fill the Hydrodisplacer, and filling it will automatically convert them to a Hydro-Drain, where the Hydrodisplacer's water can be deposited.

The volume of water that can be contained within a Hydrodisplacer is 50,000 liters, far greater than the gadget's external volume may have indicated, and uses quantum compression technology to manipulate water particles and place them into a compression tank.[1]

Behind the scenes

Beta Hydrodisplacer render

Early Hydrodisplacer

The Hydrodisplacer in the beta version of the game had a vastly different appearance than the final version.