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Hydro Girl was a teenage girl from the planet Aquatos. She was kidnapped by Gleeman Vox and forced to fight for DreadZone while she was helping to construct a shelter for baby lunar seals injured in an interplanetary tanker accident.[1] The Starship Phoenix headed to Aquatos to investigate her disappearance. She eventually became one of the higher-ranking contestants in the Dreadpoint table.

Hydro Girl managed to escape the exploding DreadZone Station thanks to the efforts of Ratchet and Clank.

Behind the scenes

Hydrogirl concept art

Nika Futterman provided the voice of Hydro Girl.

In the early audio files found on the Ratchet: Deadlocked disc, Hydro Girl was supposed to be rescued by Team Darkstar on planet Shaar, as part of a DreadZone mission setup by the Vox construction team.[2]

Notes and references

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