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Hydrano was a planet in Solana that is terrain was half oceanic and half desert. It was also the location of Klunk's secret base, deep underwater. Clank explored here to find the underwater base's coordinates, as well as defeating Klunk here.

The climate was arid, but only half of the planet was dry land due to the dam that stretched across the entire planet holding back the ocean of the other half.


Qwark claimed to have saved the native fishmen's dam from western Cactus Beasts in which he rode a rocket horse, dressed up like a cowboy, and even mowed a few of the beasts down with a lawn mower. The desert side of the planet had a strong resemblance to the wild west of Earth, which was most likely the reason his story was like that.

After Otto Destruct's defeat, Klunk set up his secret base here in the ocean. Later, Clank confronted and defeated him here.

Wildlife and Flora

Qwark, with B.A.R.N.E.Y. in the Hydrano desert

Hydrano is separated by a massive dam, making one half of the planet an ocean and the other half a vast desert. The desert regions appear to have some form of grass scattered around the desert. In Qwark's story, strange Mutant Bulls roam the desert, while under the sea, Hydrano Anglers use their angler's glow as a searchlight to spot Clank.

  • Light Fish: Found in the ocean region of Hydrano, they live deep under the water, using their anglers to lure prey into their maws. They look like green Angler Fish. They can be seen outside the glass corridors of Klunk's Underwater Base. Their angler's glow enters the corridor, and if Clank enters their glows, the fish start banging against the glass corridor, alerting all of Klunk's forces in that corridor. It's best to stay out the light the Light Fish angler's give off.

Qwark also claims that Mutant Bulls exist on the planet: these strange bull animals will sometimes charge toward Captain Qwark in his story while fighting, causing harm and bringing with them dust storms. They look similar to the Armoogeddon's "Mad Cow" bulls from Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters. Since most bits of his story are bogus, they might not even exist on Hydrano. They would only be found in desert regions of Hydrano.


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