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I need a gun that launches highly explosive homing mines.

Vox telling his first weapon design team about what would later become the Hunter Mine Launcher, DL

The Hunter Mine Launcher is a weapon manufactured by Vox Industries. As its name suggests, it launches mines which hunt enemies that approach it.

The Hunter Mine Launcher is available from any vendor upon reaching Sarathos for 35,000 bolts. With use it can be upgraded to the Stalker Mine Launcher. In challenge mode, it can be upgraded to the Mega Stalker Mine Launcher, which has invisible mines that split into two extra mines once the first explodes.


The Hunter Mine Launcher was a weapon that Vox personally wanted to build. The first design team disagreed heabily with Vox's idea for explosive homing mines, and after refusing to construct it, they were fed to the Leviathan. The second design team created the weapon, which became one of the most powerful DreadZone weapons.

The Hunter Mine Launcher could be purchased from any vendor by Ratchet once available. With use, it could be upgraded to the Stalker Mine Launcher. In challenge mode, the Mega Stalker Mine Launcher could be purchased for 1,250,000 bolts.

After DreadZone closed down, the weapon was sold in an asset auction, and Gadgetron adapted it into the Mine Launcher seen in Secret Agent Clank.


The Hunter Mine Launcher is a short, dark blue weapon with a few light blue highlights. It notably features three claws around its wide triangular nozzle. The Stalker Mine Launcher is largely similar, though its design is much bulkier.


The Hunter Mine Launcher's mines seek out enemies in the range and destroy them when they approach. While this normally would give the weapon a defensive purpose, it is outclassed in this regard by the Mini Turret Launcher, which launches turrets that can defeat more enemies. Therefore, in single player, it is ironically better to use the weapon offensively in many cases as a grenade launcher, though it can still be placed strategically for defensive purposes.

The Hunter Mine Launcher with upgrades unlocks area, impact, ammo and speed mods, of which the area and impact mods provide the most benefit. The nanoleech mod can be useful as it is a defensive weapon, but the player may prefer to give the mod to a weapon they will use more frequently. The Stalker Mine Launcher upgrade is far more powerful defensively due to the invisible mines which split into two, and can be a decent alternative to the Mini Turret Launcher which can transition to a more offensive role with the Quasar Turret Launcher upgrade.

The Hunter Mine Launcher is arguably best suited for the time-bomb omega mod, although it can benefit from the napalm and mini bomb mods to spread its damage further.

If Ratchet runs into the enemies with this weapon without firing, the mine that the weapon holds will explode, damaging the enemy and costing the shot as well.

This weapon is useful while playing in Multiplayer, particularly in Capture the Flag and Conquest modes for defending flags and nodes, respectively, from enemy players. The mines fired from this weapon can be destroyed by other players, who may be skilled even when the mines are activated, therefore it is not recommended to use in open areas unless you are engaging enemy players in close range. The game will delete some mines every time you place too many mines onscreen, likely to conserve memory and maintain a constant framerate during gameplay.

Behind the scenes

An unused upgrade form for the Stalker Mine Launcher

As with many weapons, an unused model for an alternate Hunter Mine Launcher upgrade can be found within the demo version files.

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