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The hovership is a player-controlled vehicle in Up Your Arsenal. It is an airship that can hover over the ground while firing plasma blasts and small missiles. Hoverships appear both during the main single player story mode, as well as multiplayer

The Galactic Rangers had a small, grey hovership that used repeating rocket blasts and bomb launchers (in the multiplayer). It was used by Ratchet and Clank during missions against the tyhrranoids.


Ratchet first used the hovership during Operation: ISLAND STRIKE, taking place in Kavu Island, Tyhrranosis. In "Assault on Kavu Island", Ratchet led the Rangers to capture the hovership, and then used it for the subsequent missions. Ratchet then fought waves of tyhrranoid dropships in "Dogfight over Kavu Island", and in "Operation Thunderbolt", cleared out forces around the island while the Rangers deactivated the forcefield around the tyhrranoid base.

Ratchet then used the hovership during Operation: URBAN STORM, taking place in Metropolis, Kerwan. In "Countdown", Ratchet used the hovership to destroy several explosives that the tyhrranoids had placed all over the city. In "Tower Attack", Ratchet defeated tyhrranoid garrisons located in each of the towers around the area, and in "Air Superiority", Ratchet destroyed several tyhrranoid dropships attacking the Rangers.

The hovership appeared for a final Ranger mission in Operation: DEATH VALLEY, taking place in Outpost X12, Aridia, when Ratchet used the dropship to defend the Rangers during "Ambush in Red Rock Valley". After this, Ratchet used the hoverships one last time on Mylon during "Defeat the Biobliterator", in which he manned hoverships to destroy the second and more powerful Biobliterator.


Hovership gameplay.

The hovership is a grey vessel with two engine flaps and two thrusters at the back behind the cockpit. It uses twin repeating rocket blasters as its main weaponry fired by the pilot, and bomb launchers that can be used by a second passenger.

Hoverships can be flown in single player during specific missions, during which it is a requirement. It is most effective used when flying just above an enemy target, as they find it more difficult to aim at a target that is above them. In multiplayer, hoverships can be entered when available, and are useful to traverse the map quickly. They can be piloted by two players: one controls the flight of the vehicle and fires the rocket blasters, while another uses the bomb launchers.

Behind the scenes

A hovership was going to be used on Obani Gemini for a mission.[1] Unused dialogue suggests the Refractor would have been used to override a quantum phase forcefield and grant access to the hovership,[2] and the hovership would have been used to destroy satellites around Obani Pollux allowing Ratchet to land.[3][4] Additional unused dialogue from Sasha Phyronix refers to Dr. Nefarious being present in the "upper levels of the city" requiring the hovership to reach him, though it is unclear which removed portion of the game this refers to.[3][4]