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The Hoverboots are a lombax-engineered gadget in the Ratchet & Clank series that first appear in A Crack in Time. They were invented by the Lombax Praetorian Guard during the early days of the Great War, and use zero-g pulse stabilizers and ion propulsion cells to allow the wearer to move rapidly across areas. The wearer shifts their body weight to steer with the boots, as the boots adjust their flight path accordingly. Rusting ion coils can cause a pair to shut off unexpectedly.

Ratchet was first granted his pair of Hoverboots by Alister Azimuth in A Crack in Time, which originally belonged to his father, Kaden (who was taught by Azimuth to use them). In subsequent entries, the Hoverboots are initially available in games they appear.


Ratchet using Kick Pads mid-air

Ratchet can use the Hoverboots to move more quickly through an area. He can jump off ramps using the Hoverboots' accelerator, jump off kick pads, and speed using boost pads. Additionally, he can latch onto bolt cranks by pressing Square, then use the left analog stick to steer, and press X to let go, propelling him forward at great speeds. By holding X in the air after a jump, Ratchet was able to use the Hoverboots to glide in the air when not reunited with Clank, and continued to use them in conjunction with the Heli-Pack to glide. Accelerating to full speed and reaching momentum allows Ratchet to jump further and reach otherwise inaccessible areas.

Hoverboots use a different control scheme depending on their game. In A Crack in Time, the Hoverboots are equipped and un-equipped by pressing Right on the d-pad, with R2 as the accelerator. In Full Frontal Assault and Into the Nexus, R2 automatically serves as the accelerator with no need to equip.


A Crack in Time

Alister Azimuth hovering in the air with his Hoverboots

The Hoverboots make their debut, and are granted to Ratchet when he meets Alister Azimuth on Torren IV. The player must complete Azimuth's training by collecting a total of 23 flares around Monoloth Fields before being able to use the gadget permanently. From then on, they can be equipped at any point using Right, and Ratchet can glide with them in the air. They were useful particularly in Krell Canyon on planet Lumos, allowing Ratchet to quickly traverse the large level.

The skill point Head Like a Rock requires the Hoverboots.

Alister Azimuth also uses his own Hoverboots, and mentions having taught Kaden to use them.

Full Frontal Assault

Ratchet using the Hoverboots in Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault

Hoverboots can be used by Ratchet, as well as Clank and Qwark as Q-Force members. They can be activated at any point using R2 to accelerate, and several objects with which the Hoverboots interact with are present, allowing the player to traverse large areas quickly.

Before the Nexus

In Before the Nexus, the Hoverboots are used, alongside the Grind Boots. When leaving the grind rail, Ratchet will use the Hoverboots to move forward, and can hop left and right to avoid enemies. When Hoverboots are used, Ratchet is normally able to fire weapons.

Into the Nexus

Hoverboots in Into The Nexus

The Hoverboots return in Into the Nexus with the same control scheme. Ratchet loses his Hoverboots when the Nebulox Seven Prison Ship is destroyed, but the Smuggler returns them to him on planet Thram in exchange for gargathon horns.

Behind the scenes

We brought back the Hoverboots because the levels are big and you need to be able to move around quickly.

Shaun McCabe, explaining the Hoverboots's appearance in Full Frontal Assault

The Hoverboots were reintroduced in Full Frontal Assault as during development the team were inspired by the Krell Canyon level from Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time and the Hoverboots were needed to traverse the large level.[1]

The Hoverboots appeared in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.


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