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The Hoverbomb Gun is a weapon manufactured by Megacorp in Going Commando. It fires a hovering bomb which floats forwards, and explodes. The player has slight control over the direction of the weapon and when it detonates.

The Hoverbomb Gun is available upon reaching Todano for 120,000 bolts. It can be upgraded to the Tetrabomb Gun with use, which fires five Hoverbombs at once. In challenge mode, it can be upgraded to the Mega Tetrabomb Gun from any Megacorp vendor for 1,250,000 bolts, which can in turn be upgraded to the Ultra Tetrabomb Gun with use.


The Hoverbomb Gun is small weapon made out of a green-tinted metal, it has a large nozzle, with a short and tick barrel, with several vents. It has both a left-handed and a rear grip, with a container for a bright green liquid between the barrel and the rear grip. The Tetrabomb Gun is larger, with a darker shade of green and featuring tubes connecting its nozzle (from behind the vents) to the liquid container at the gun. Both have a small antenna on-top as well. The Hoverbombs fired are floating, dark brown bombs covered in spikes.


Ratchet using the Hoverbomb Gun.

The Hoverbomb Gun is a unique weapon that primarily attacks by deploying a hovering bomb that floats at a fixed pace in a direct line forwards. Upon pressing the fire button again, the bomb explodes, dealing a large amount of damage. Alternatively, the fire button can be held upon firing, in which case the bomb can be maneuvered using Left analog stick into a more desirable position. In actuality, doing this is less useful than desired, as the bombs are relatively slow, and a more direct-fire weapon such as the Seeker Gun, Minirocket Tube or Plasma Coil largely achieves the same but with better speed and range. Nonetheless, the blast radius is useful against groups of smaller enemies, while the sheer damage still holds its own against stronger enemies.

Ratchet using the Tetrabomb Gun.

Its upgrade, the Tetrabomb Gun, quintuples the payload, releasing five bombs when fired. If unguided, they will eventually spread out, ensuring a massive explosion on a wide spread line, potentially useful for clearing massive groups of enemies. In turn, it can be used to devastating potential if fired up close on a single enemy, as the bombs will be close together, ensuring the most damage to a single target.

The Hoverbomb Gun can be modified with the Lock On Mod and the Acid Mod. Unlike most weapons, the Lock On Mod is useful for it, as it will more easily ensure that the bombs reach their desired target. The Acid Mod provides even more damage over time if the target manages to survive.