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Hoverbikes are vehicles used in Going Commando and Deadlocked. They are anti-gravity bikes used primarily in sport. Ratchet rides them in hoverbike racing events in the Bogon Galaxy, competing with the Desert Riders in Megacorp events, and later uses them during the underground DreadZone combat sport in the Shadow Sector of the Solana Galaxy.


Going Commando

Ratchet on a Hoverbike on planet Joba

In the Bogon Galaxy, Megacorp sponsored hoverbike racing events.[2] The Desert Riders, based in the Vukovar Canyon, on Barlow, competed in many of these events, using Megacorp hoverbikes,[1] and owning one of their biker helmets allowed racers to enter.[2] Hoverbike racing events also took place in the Megacorp Games on planet Joba, presented by Team Megacorp Racing.[3]

Ratchet was introduced to hoverbikes by Abercrombie Fizzwidget, who proposed that Ratchet join the Desert Riders to infiltrate the Thugs-4-Less.[4] After a short confrontation with Biker One in the Vukovar Canyon, Clank diffused the situation. Biker One allowed Ratchet and Clank to borrow his hoverbike, Bluebell,[5] provided they repair it with the Electrolyzer. After repairing it and winning the race, Biker One gave them a Biker helmet, allowing them to compete in future events, and also allowed them access to a telescreen with a transmission from the Thug Leader. Ratchet then competed in more hoverbike races on the planet.

Later, Ratchet and Clank found more hoverbike races on Joba. Biker Two identified the helmet and allowed them to compete, with the award being Charge Boots. After the duo won the event, Biker Two seemed frustrated, as he had wanted the boots for fashion reasons.[6]


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Hoverbikes were used in many DreadZone events for the combat sport. These were notably more combat-oriented than Megacorp's hoverbikes. Many events were tailored to the hoverbike specifically, while many were used in combat events.

Additionally, Vox News ran a segment with Ratchet appearing alongside Biker One and Two, in which Juanita Alvaro tied them to Ratchet for participating in "illegal hoverbike gangs", excluding any context. The image used by Vox was forged, as it depicted Ratchet in his Marauder armor.


Megacorp's hoverbike is a small, single-seat vehicle that hovers at a consistent distance from the ground. Between its large engine in the back and its hood in the front is a small, silver-colored seat with handlebars for steering. It also has a smaller turbo engine on either side of the main engine, two exhaust pipes on either side, and two large weapons towards the front. Its segmented armor is painted a hot rod red, accented with flame decals.



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