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Hover turrets are enemies in Going Commando, used as a defensive measure against intruders in the Deep Space Disposal Facility in the Hrugis Cloud.

They were in fact large dark-red turrets mounted on the top and bottom of a gray hovering disk, which would rotate at a constant pace around its own axis. Six of them were placed at an equal distance from the central core of the facility, and each other, giving them a large covering at any target on the inside of the structure. Ratchet and Clank had to disable the Disposal Facility's defenses, which doubly counted as a space combat challenge, after incorrectly inserting a password given to them by Qwark in the disguise of Abercrombie Fizzwidget.

The turrets attack by firing a single green blast from their cannons, which can be dodged with a barrel roll or tanked with the shield. As they are immobile, they are an easy target for any of the Star Explorer's weapons, in particular the Torpedo Launcher. Although the hover turret consists of two separate turret cannons, they can be destroyed by targeting either one or just the disk itself. Once downed (leaving only the disk behind), the facility would automatically dispatch a repair drone to repair it, forcing the player to either take out the remaining turrets or shoot down the drone.