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Hover bots are enemies in Up Your Arsenal, encountered in the Deep Sea Hideout on Aquatos during the mission "Infiltrate the underwater hideout". They are robotic soldiers consisting solely of a flying torso, with their face visible beneath a green glass visor, a jet engine in place of legs, a pair of arms, and a large canister on their back with a symbol representing radioactivity. They wield a rifle in their right hand, which functions as a flamethrower. The flamethrowers are used either to launch a long-range blast from a distance, or to fire continuously in close range in a sweeping motion. The hover bots are hostile to amoeboids, as well as Ratchet and Clank.

Combat with hover bots and amoeboids.

The blast from the hover bots can deal considerable damage, requiring you to dodge them by strafe-jumping. They are also much tougher than amoeboids, and can sustain more damage. Due to their long-range, flight, and the fact that they do not cluster in the way amoeboids do, the N60 Storm and Spitting Hydra are the best weapons against them. Some of them will solely use their flamethrower up close, which makes them easier targets as long as you stay away.

As the hover bots prioritize killing amoeboids, it may be a good idea to let the two enemies battle one another and pick off the remnants, though doing so will miss out on gaining experience for weapons.

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