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Map of Hoven Gorge.

Hoven Gorge is a map in the multiplayer mode in Up Your Arsenal. It is based on planet Hoven, containing the same frozen and frosty geography and large industrial structures. Each base sits on either the bottom left or top right corner of the map, and in between them is the namesake gorge, a large and flat expanse of frozen tundra, with a large bridge overhead. The bridge marks the point where the map is mirrored, with one half also being flipped around.

Each base has a Morph-o-Ray and squad of drone bots near a small canyon that can be crossed through either a destructible bridge or two separate versa-targets. Destroying the bridge is recommended to avoid letting turbosliders access your base, and create an easier defendable bottleneck. Past said bridge is the first node, which has covers placed around it, and will create a turboslider when captured, as well as a Lava Gun and pair of Charge Boots.

Further past the node is a large cliff wall, with a jump pad on the left and right ends, leading to the top of the cliff. Both cliff-tops have another jump pad, leading to the top of the tunnel connecting both of them, where another node is located, which creates two Flux Rifle crates when capture, allowing for an ideal sniping spot on the opposing base.

Aside from the jump pads, the cliff top path also leads to a large circular room deeper inside the mountain on both the north and south ends, both containing nodes, and both have exits leading to a platform with a turret, and the bridge (holding another pair of Charge Boots) that connects both rooms. Beneath the bridge is another node with an anti-vehicle missile turret, and two Holoshield Gloves. The aforementioned turret platforms has good view over the opposing base and their half of the gorge, making holding it an important strategy.