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Horny toads,[1] occasionally known as sand toads,[2] are enemies in Ratchet & Clank and the 2016 re-imagined game, encountered on planet Veldin. They are common, wild, bipedal toads that are often seen hopping around in groups.

In the original release, horny toads were fought by Ratchet during the missions "Investigate crash site" and "Save Ratchet's planet". In the re-imagined release, these toads were fought during "Head to the fairgrounds‎‎," but not at night during "Return to the garage", where only blarg enemies appeared.


Concept art from the re-imagined game.

Horny toads are orange, toad-like creatures that bounce on their two back legs to move in a hopping fashion. Though bipedal in movement, they have two smaller front legs used for balance, and two large back legs. Horny toads have orange skin, with white spikes and dark brown strikes across their back, matching the arid planet's surface.

In the 2016 re-imagining, these toads have dark blue skin rather than orange on their back, but have peachy, yellow skin below. They also only appear during the daytime. When they spot Ratchet, they react by making a croaking noise, and their eyes will widen. Horny toads are also much faster at jumping.


Horny toads attack in numbers, using their agility to their advantage. Their large jaw produces their only attack, an offensive bite done at melee range. It is signified by them pausing from moving to face the player, followed by bellowing a loud croak and then delivering the bite. They have very little defense and can be easily defeated with a single strike from the OmniWrench, though a multi-strike is effective against multiples of them. Other weapons can also be effective at clearing out large groups of toads encountered upon returning to Veldin.


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