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Hoolefoid concept art

The Hoolefoids were a primitive space-faring beings native to planet Merdegraw on Hoolefar Island. They had purple skin, three fingers, and a severe underbite, and appear to be a combination between a Thug and a marsupial.

Despite being their homeworld, Space Pirates have taken control of most of Merdegraw, and fear of breaking the curse caused them to stay near or on Hoolefar Island. They were led by Mayor Worley, but many in the village did not seem to like him much, and often would ask Ratchet if he was running for mayor.

The Hoolefoids were mostly harmless as shown during the Ghost Space Pirate attack on Hoolefoid Island as all the Hoolefoids fled toward the Obsidian Eye for safety. The Hoolefoids also have extremly lazy union workers, as shown by the Beacon Operator who barely did anything to get it started up again, using the lame cover that it was against union rules.

The Hoolefoids appear to have a thriving tourist spot on Merdegraw, as mentioned by random Hoolefoids commenting on Ratchet being here saying "Is it Tourist Season already?"

The Hoolefoids also appear to know about planet Sargasso, and might even have some outposts there as well.

Known Hoolefoids



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