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Holovision, alternatively spelt Holo-Vision, HoloVision, or abbreviated as HV, is a telecommunication medium in the Ratchet & Clank series, its equivalent of television. Holovision is used to broadcast media around the universe, including entertainment and news, as well as many commercials. Ratchet and Clank have often appeared in holovision shows, or watched them to learn where to travel next.

Holovision shows and channels are watched through telescreens, infobots, and other screens. Aphelion also has a holovision player. Holovision videos are also called holovids, holo-vids, and holo-vites.

Known shows

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Name Description Appearances
Annihilation Nation A combat sport show airing in the Solana Galaxy, filmed on Station Q9. In the show, contestants compete in gauntlets as well as gladiatorial combat, with prizes handed out by pop star Courtney Gears. The champions of the show are the duo Gary and Helen and Scorpio, who were undefeated prior to the arrival of Ratchet and Clank.[1][2] Ratchet and Clank competed in the show to win the Tyhrra-Guise and two Qwark vid-comics. Up Your Arsenal
Behind the Hero A show airing in the Bogon Galaxy which documents intergalactic heroes, and admitted to providing "baseless speculation and crackpot theories".[3] Ratchet and Clank interviewed for the show at the beginning of Going Commando. Afterwards, the show documented the story of Captain Qwark's fall from grace, including his imprisonment and escape. Going Commando
Big Al's Bot Wars A show run by Al in the Solana Galaxy . The people of Kerwan were forced to watch reruns of the show after Tachyon's army combed the city for the Lombax Secret. Tools of Destruction (mentioned)
Billy and the Tongor Beast
Dogfight Over Death Canyon A show starring Captain Qwark that aired on the Qwark Classic Channel, mentioned by him when giving out prizes for the Blackwater City hoverboard competition.[4] Ratchet & Clank (mentioned)
DreadZone An illegal combat sport operating in the lawless Shadow Sector of the Solana Galaxy, as part of Vox Network.[5] The show pitted kidnapped heroes in violent battles against DreadZone gladiators and the Exterminators. After the show was shut down after Gleeman Vox's death, the void was filled in with a continuous loop of the Lance and Janice episode, I Like You, But I Don't Like-You, Like-You. Deadlocked, Into the Nexus (mentioned)
Edward: Half Man, Half Sandshark
Galactic Gladiators An Megacorp gladiatoral combat show, filmed in the arena in the Maktar Resort, broadcast annually around the Bogon Galaxy[6] on the Mega-View channel.[7] It featured Chainblade and the B2 Brawler as its champions, and offered the Electrolyzer and bolts to its contestants. Ratchet competed to earn the Electrolyzer. Going Commando
Galactic Idol A singing competition series, and a spoof of American Idol. Dr. Nefarious auditioned for the show, and Lawrence kept a recording of it.[8] His entry was a song titled "Crushin' on Squishies", and he was eliminated on the first round and sold a single copy of his debut album, which was later used to torture prisoners on planet Ebaro.[9] Up Your Arsenal, Tools of Destruction (mentioned)
Galaxy's Funniest Decapitations A show mentioned by Ace Hardlight as an alternative to Vox News.[10] Deadlocked (mentioned)
Galaxy's Funniest Superhero Bloopers A show aired on the Blarg TV channel, featuring Captain Qwark, which was set to air after Ultimate Supreme Executive Chairman Drek's demonstration of the Deplanetizer.[11] Ratchet & Clank (mentioned)
Galaxy's Most Painful Home Movies
Juanita and Dallas A reality show in which Dallas Wanamaker and Juanita Alvaro, former hosts of Vox News, were married. Deadlocked
Megacorp Games A Megacorp sponsored sports show with gladiatorial combat sport and hoverbike racing, filmed on Joba and aired in the Bogon Galaxy. The arena featured the champions Arachnoid and Megapede, and gave away the Gravity Boots and the Infiltrator as prizes. The hoverbike races gave away the Charge Boots to the winners. Ratchet and Clank competed in both events. It presumably aired on the Mega-View channel. Going Commando
Nature's Mysteries A documentary which examined mysteries lifeforms from the Solana Galaxy. One episode, which President Phyronix presented to Ratchet and Clank, examined the Florana Tree Beast, and featured a witness named Joe[12] who had seen the beast. This beast was Captain Qwark, and Phyronix believed he was their only hope against Nefarious.[13] Up Your Arsenal
Polaris Compendium of Historical Importantness A series that went over the history of the Polaris Galaxy. Qwark showed Ratchet and Clank an episode of the show that went over the IRIS supercomputer . Tools of Destruction
Queer Eye for the Tyhrranoid A show mentioned by Ace Hardlight as an alternative to Vox News.[10] Deadlocked (mentioned)
The Reading Robot A show aimed for children mentioned by Juanita Alvaro as something children should pretend to watch if their parents are sensitive to DreadZone.[14] Deadlocked (mentioned)
Robochef A show Clank watched while he and Ratchet traveled to planet Smolg. Going Commando (mentioned)
Supervillain Weekly A documentary catered towards supervillains, with interviews and reviews of evil schemes. Dr. Nefarious and Lawrence interviewed for the show from their base on Daxx, in which they alluded to the Biobliterator. Al found the episode when tracing back a transmission Nefarious had beamed onto the Starship Phoenix, and showed it to Ratchet and Clank. The show also discussed other superweapons, including the Rainbow Afrolizer.[15] Up Your Arsenal
The Search for a Supervillain A News segment announced by Kip Darling . An episode about Dr. Nefarious was shown in All 4 One where Ratchet, Clank, and Qwark gave there thoughts on the missing villain. All 4 One
Temtation Asteroid A show mentioned by Ace Hardlight as an alternative to Vox News.[10] Deadlocked (mentioned)
Secret Agent Clank A popular spy thriller starring Clank as the titular protagonist, pitted in battles against his nemesis, Maxmillian, airing in the Bogon and Solana galaxies. The show had many fans, including President Phyronix[16] and Dr. Nefarious.[17] It released countless episodes that were available in a holo-vid collection,[17] including one starring Courtney Gears as the baroness. Up Your Arsenal, Deadlocked (mentioned), Going Mobile, Secret Agent Clank
Two and a Half Blargs A series mentioned by Commander Argos. He mentioned that he endured an entire season of the show when listing off great feats that he accomplished in his life. A Crack in Time (mentioned)

Known movies

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Name Description Appearances
Amoeboids Gone Wild A movie featuring amoeboids, for which a director's cut was released. While using the Tyhrra-Guise, Ratchet offered to give a one-eyed robonoid a copy of his holo-vid disc with the director's cut in exchange for being allowed past a forcefield.[18] Presumably related to Blargs Gone Wild. Up Your Arsenal
A Boy and his War Grok A movie about an outcast boy named Timmy who befriends a War Grok. A Crack in Time
Blargs Gone Wild A movie featuring blarg, mentioned by Gleeman Vox in a commercial for DreadZone.[19] Deadlocked (mentioned)
Mandles, Sandals For Men
Mandles, Sandals For Men: The Saga Continues
My Blaster Runs Hot A Crack in Time
Ratchet & Clank: The Motion Picture A movie based on the events of Ratchet & Clank, released shortly afterward. The poster of the movie features Ratchet and Clank gliding in front of Blackwater City, Rilgar.[20] Ratchet & Clank
Ratchet & Clank (Megacorp movie) A movie released by Megacorp, presumably based on the events of Going Commando. The poster, reminiscent of the original Star Wars, features Ratchet, Clank, Angela Cross, Abercrombie Fizzwidget, and several Thugs-4-Less ships, with Canal City, Notak in the background.[21] Going Commando
Secret Agent Clank A film based on the Secret Agent Clank spy thriller series, which premiered following the events of Up Your Arsenal. Up Your Arsenal
Unicop A film featuring Captain Qwark playing as Marcus Kane, a Meridian police officer who after an accident caused by the mob, goes through an animal limb transplant and becomes a half human/half unicorn cop. Its revealed in Ratchet & Clank: Issue 3: Lost and Spaced that the movie was cancelled due to bad reviews. A Crack in Time

Known channels

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Name Description Appearances
Blarg TV A blarg channel presumably owned by Drek Industries. The channel was to air Ultimate Supreme Executive Chairman Drek's demonstration of the Deplanetizer on Veldin, and also aired The Galaxy's Funniest Superhero Bloopers, featuring Captain Qwark.[11] Ratchet & Clank
Channel 7 A news channel where the anchors Pepper Fairbanks and Kip Darling worked, heard on Pirate radio. They interviewed Ratchet and Clank in their special episode on Nefarious: The Search for a Supervillain. A Crack in Time, All 4 One
Channel 2 News A news channel in the Solana Galaxythat Darla Gratch reported for. The channel reported from Blackwater City, Rilgar about the amoeboid attack as well as the announcement that Captain Qwark would give prizes for the hoverboard racing competition. It later reported from Gorda City, Oltanis about the devastation to the city caused by the blarg attack. Ratchet & Clank
Channel 64 News Another news channel that Darla Gratch reported for, airing in the Bogon and Solana galaxies. In one report, Gratch reported on Protopet mania in Allgon City, Damosel. In another, she reported about the tyhrranoid attack on Veldin, orchestrated by Nefarious. Later, she interviewed Captain Qwark when he claimed credit for defeating the Momma Tyhrranoid. Finally, she gave a report on the Secret Agent Clank movie premiere. Going Commando, Up Your Arsenal
Mega-View A Megacorp channel which aired Galactic Gladiators,[7] and presumably also the Megacorp Games. Going Commando
Qwark Classic Channel A channel seemingly dedicated to Captain Qwark, which aired shows including Dogfight Over Death Canyon starring him, and was mentioned by him when giving out prizes for the Blackwater City hoverboard competition.[4] Ratchet & Clank (mentioned)
The Science Channel A channel aired in the Bogon Galaxy. Clank was a fan of the channel, and it was one of the ones he skipped over before landing on Behind the Hero.[22] Going Commando (mentioned)
Vox News A news channel hosted by Dallas Wanamaker and Juanita Alvaro, that commented on galactic news as well as the DreadZone competition. Its reporting was notably biased and slanderous, spinning all its news in favor of Vox Industries and against DreadZone contestants. Deadlocked



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