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DreadZone's Holoshield Launcher is a technologically improved version of the top-selling Gadgetron item. This device allows you to shoot out a portable shield any time and anywhere. The quantum technology allows your shots to pass through while blocking all enemy fire.

In-game description, DL

The Holoshield Launcher is a weapon manufactured by Vox Industries in Deadlocked. It launches holographic shields which protect Ratchet from all incoming projectiles and serves as a barrier for enemies.

The Holoshield Launcher can be acquired upon reaching Catacrom Four for 20,000 bolts. With use, it can be upgraded to the Omni-shield Launcher. When in challenge mode, it can be upgraded to the Mega Omni-shield Launcher for 750,000 bolts.


The Holoshield Launcher is a small blue and silver weapon with some yellow highlights and glowing blue areas from which shields are fired. The Omni-shield Launcher is slightly bulkier with more metallic highlights. The shields fired are blue and largely transparent.


The Holoshield Launcher is a purely defensive weapon which launches shields to protect Ratchet from projectiles, and prevent enemies passing through. Before disappearing, the shields would flash first, signalling that it should be replaced. It can upgrade by absorbing damage. It is useful in specific circumstances to gain an upper hand over enemies and provide cover, though it is largely niche.

The Holoshield Launcher, when upgraded, unlocks an equal amount of speed and ammo mods, but does not unlock any remarkable alpha mod. Both mods improve the weapon in ways, but players may choose to equip them on weapons they will use more frequently instead. When upgraded to the Omni-shield Launcher, it will sap nanotech from enemies to pass on to Ratchet, which improves its defensive capabilities slightly, but the weapon still lacks offensive capabilities.

Using the turrets on planet Kronos to shoot the Holoshield Launcher's shields is a cheap way to upgrade the weapon.

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