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The Holoshield Glove is a weapon manufactured by Gadgetron in Up Your Arsenal. It launches a holoshield in front of Ratchet that absorbs projectiles (although enemies can pass through it). The Holoshield Glove can be purchased from a Gadgetron vendor upon reaching Tyhrranosis for 30,000 bolts. Being a shield-type weapon it can actually upgrade upon absorbing damage. These upgrades give it the ability to damage nearby enemies, which will also help to upgrade it. At V5, it upgrades to the Ultrashield Launcher, which in turn can be upgraded to the Mega Ultrashield Launcher in challenge mode for 140,000 bolts.

The Holoshield Glove did not reappear, but its technology reappeared in the form of the Holoshield Launcher in Ratchet: Deadlocked, which enemies could not pass through, and upgraded to the Omni-shield Launcher at level 10.


Concept art of the Holoshield Glove.

The Holoshield Glove is a metallic, silver, and blue glove with purple highlights. The shields it drops are mostly transparent, with a bright purple center, becoming largely opaque at higher levels. The Ultrashield Launcher is a purely purple glove with lilac highlights.


The Holoshield Glove is an anomaly in the arsenal, as unlike other weapons, it lacks offensive capabilities at V1. Instead, it can solely absorb damage while deployed until it eventually runs out on its own, or is overwhelmed by enemy fire. Absorbing damage is required to upgrade into its more powerful variants, meaning the Holoshield Glove upgrades very fast if bombarded with as many ranged attacks and projectiles as possible, but this will also cause it to run out just as quick.

Ratchet using the Holoshield Glove.

Combat-wise it is very situational prior to the upgrades, and is mostly useful against enemies that fire ranged attacks from a stationary position such as the soldier bots. Against a lot of other enemies, Ratchet is more than capable of evasive maneuvers on his own by use of strafing and flipping moves. It also holds potential in small and enclosed quarters with less space to move, as a row or stacked series of holoshields can easily withstand damage for a while. Two dangers that the player must be aware of is that a holoshield can and will run out at some point, and that it does not block enemies from physically traversing it and engaging in melee. At the end of the game, it is outclassed by the Shield Charger.

As the shield upgrades, it gains some minor offensive abilities. At V2, it saps nanotech from enemies and transfers to Ratchet, and at V3 it deflects projectiles back to enemies. At V4 it simply increases the size of the shields, though at V5 when it becomes the Ultrashield Launcher, it damages nearby enemies with an electric pulse. These damaging upgrades are usually not fast or strong enough to be truly considered of actual use in combat, and the weapon remains outclassed. However, throwing down several holoshields with the glove can help make an area safer for Ratchet and turn the tide while the player uses another weapon to defeat them.

The Holoshield Glove remains difficult and slow to upgrade, as often enough outright taking down the enemies is easier and faster, making the shield rather useless. A good place to upgrade it is near the end of the game, or on challenge mode.