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The Holo Pirate Disguise is a type of Hologuise gadget in Tools of Destruction. It enables the user to disguise themselves as a space pirate.


The Holo Pirate Disguise was created by Tachyon to spy on space pirates, though it was ineffective as Tachyon could not dance the Pirate Jig required to bypass pirate doorkeepers. Ratchet obtains the disguise after beating an Imperial Fight Festival tournament on planet Mukow, and can use it to access space pirate doors. To do so, Ratchet must dance the Pirate Jig to a pirate doorkeeper, a minigame which requires the SIXAXIS controller to move correctly alongside two other space pirates. Ratchet cannot jump and moves slowly with the Holo Pirate Disguise, and half-way through exploring Kreeli Comet, the disguise becomes ineffective and pirates can see through it.


The Hologuise when activated disguises Ratchet as a specific enemy, allowing him to go traverse undetected. It is often used to unlock doors that will not allow Ratchet through otherwise, either by waving at a guard behind the door or completing a short minigame while disguised. Ratchet's movement is restricted with this disguise active, as he often moves more slowly, and often cannot jump while using it. Pressing the fire button with a disguise on will wave at enemies. He cannot use weapons or gadgets.