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Although monocles seem unfashionable and antiquated, the utility of this far outweighs the fashion faux pax. It allows the wearer to take a picture of another robot and creates a holoprojection of that robot in order to effectively disguise the wearer.

Gadget Description, SAC

The Holo-Monocle is a gadget in Secret Agent Clank. It is used by Clank to take a 3D picture of another robot to then create a holoprojection of that robot in order to disguise the wearer as that robot, making it a Hologuise that can select its disguise. Clank can use the Holo-Monocle to fool any robot aside from the same robot he took a picture of.

The gadget is acquired by Clank when going to the High-Rollers Casino, and is required to sneak through it.


Clank using the Holo-Monocle

The player can use the Holo-Monocle to scan enemies and reveal information about them (such as their homeworld and their classification). They can then disguise themselves as that robot, and fool all enemies aside from the robot that they scanned. Different enemy disguises may be needed to sneak into different areas, meaning the player must be careful when changing disguise. Additionally, when Clank takes damage or jumps, the disguise is dropped.

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