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These light-generating gloves wouldn't look out a place at fashion show, but the images they project pack the wallop of a sixteen-wheeler. When you need to end a duel the moment you declare it, look no further than the Holo-Knuckles.

Weapon Description, SAC

The Holo-Knuckles are a melee weapon developed by the Agency in Secret Agent Clank. It produces a holographic projection of a hard object that damages opponents, and consumes one ammo for each enemy hit.

The Holo-Knuckles can be purchased from the Boltaire Museum onwards for 23,000 bolts from a vendor. It can be upgraded to the Hardlight Fist at V4 with use, which produces larger and more substantial objects, and can be used to form a shield by holding the fire button (consuming one ammo for each projectile it deflects).


Clank using the Holo-Knuckles on an enemy

The Holo-Knuckles is a melee weapon which can damage enemies nearby by projecting hard objects at them. It has considerable ammo (which is only consumed if it hits an enemy) and deals good damage, making it broadly useful against most types of enemies, though it is strictly a melee weapon and its damage will be outclassed by weapons that are obtained later.

The Hardlight Fist upgrade allows the weapon to double up as a shield by holding the fire button, and consumes ammo for each projectile deflected. This makes it more broadly useful later on, addressing the shortcoming of the weapon becoming less useful as a damage dealer.

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