Help the resort owner

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Check out the resort, Help the resort owner and Buy Thrusterpack from Bob are missions in Ratchet & Clank. Clank found an infobot with coordinates to Jowai Resort on planet Pokitaru. Reluctant to show it to Ratchet out of fear he would neglect to continue on his mission, he nonetheless did so, prompting Ratchet to act as he feared he would. Ratchet ultimately managed to convince him to go just long enough to pick up the promised O2 Mask, meanwhile the two continued to fight and show their animosity.

Upon arrival and talking to the Resort Owner, completing the mission "Check out the resort" and starting "Help the resort owner", he requests that they escort him to the other end of the resort. From there, they could use his jet fighter and destroy the blarg ships, in return for the O2 Mask.

Once at the hangar he told them it was locked, but that Bob might be able to help them at his Bob's RoboShack. Bob indeed could, but required 2,000 bolts before he would upgrade Clank with the Thruster-Pack, starting the mission "Buy Thrusterpack from Bob", and subsequently ending when they paid him the desired amount.


The Decoy Glove and Visibomb Gun are newly available weapons at the local Gadgetron vendor. The former costs 7,500 bolts and lets you place a temporary decoy, allowing you to either flee or take out the enemies focusing on the decoy. The latter is quite expensive at 15,000 bolts, but allows you to remote control a powerful missile to destroy enemies from a safe distance, though you are vulnerable while controlling it. The Resort Owner that you must escort does not require babysitting, as enemies will ignore him, so head for the nearby stretch of beach and deal with the puffer fish and psy-tcopus blocking access to the watercraft docked nearby.

Puffer fish will congregate in groups, appearing to flop around aimlessly, but rolling into a ball and sprouting spikes when you come near them. Aside from their numbers they do not pose much of a threat, however. The lone Psytopus will stay fixed in its position and proceed to fire easily dodged balls of psychic energy. Board the raft along with the Resort Owner and watch as dozens of puffer fish will board it during the ride, the tiny space making it hard to deal with them using specific weapons, but relying on the OmniWrench 8000, Pyrocitor and Suck Cannon makes it a non-issue. Alternatively, one can place a decoy from Decoy Glove to even further limit the chance of them attacking you, just beware not to throw it in the water. Lastly, jumping off to escape an attack or collect crates is permitted, as the Resort Owner will stop and wait for you.

Eventually he will stop and the boat will float upwards, after which he jumps off. Follow along this linear path, fighting more enemies until you reach another boat, which then leads to another ride while you deal with the numerous puffer fish. The ship will dock again at the inner area of the Jowai Resort, leaving you to only deal with another large number of puffer fish until you reach the jet fighter's hangar.

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