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Help the Galactic Rangers is a mission in Up Your Arsenal, taking place in Outpost X12, Aridia. While Ratchet and Clank were exploring the crash site on Zeldrin, the Galactic Rangers sent a transmission about a tyhrranoid invasion of Aridia. Ratchet and Clank then led the assault against them.

A titanium bolt can be earned, along with the skill points "Zap back at ya'" and "Go for hang time".


To complete this mission, all five missions in Operation: DEATH VALLEY must be completed. These missions are all mandatory, though if you are struggling, consider returning to the Starship Phoenix to pick up some armor, as Aquatos or Annihilation Nation can provide a good source of bolts.

The Qwack-O-Ray becomes available at the Gadgetron vendor for this mission. It is helpful against some of the enemies here, but is not an essential purchase.

After completing, head back to the Starship Phoenix to finish "Take Datadisk to Big Al".

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