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Trophy: Off To The Races‎
Complete "Help Skidd get to his ship" and "Find Skidd's Agent" Bronze

Locate Skidd McMarx and Help Skidd get to his ship are missions in Ratchet & Clank (2016 game). Ratchet and Clank learned from Agnogg Buckwash on Novalis that his nephew, Skidd McMarx, was in trouble, after his newly opened Sports Shack on Aridia was attacked by blarg when he was caught with hydroharvester schematics. Ratchet and Clank set off to help him, and after finding him, Skidd asked them to defeat several sandsharks blocking his way back to his ship, in exchange for granting them a McMarx 4000 Hoverboard.

Completing this mission and "Find Skidd's Agent" will unlock the bronze trophy Off To The Races.


The first mission is "Locate Skidd McMarx". After landing and heading forward from your ship, Skidd McMarx will be revealed a little to the left. First, use the Gadgetron vendor to purchase any new Raritanium upgrades, with particular focus on the Fusion Grenade's area of effect to clear out sandsharks. If not already purchased, the Pyrocitor is extremely valuable for this mission as it makes short work of nearby enemies, and should be picked up. Another useful weapon if you can afford it is the Proton Drum, similarly useful against enemies on this planet.

Approach Skidd McMarx to commence "Help Skidd get to his ship", and he will offer Ratchet and Clank a hoverboard if they defeat all 88 sandsharks. Sandsharks are enemies which dwell underground, and will attack you if they get to melee range. Sandsharks only pose a threat in close range, and are weak to any damage. The best weapons against them are the Pyrocitor and Proton Drum. Throwing Proton Drums can clear out areas to make them safe from sandsharks, while the Pyrocitor can defeat multiple sandsharks at once. To proceed, throw out Proton Drums while switching to fire the Pyrocitor on any stragglers out of its range, and destroy the large, green, plant-like sandshark nests that spawn more sandsharks.

(Note: Those with the pre-order bonus for Ratchet & Clank can easily clear out sandsharks with the Bouncer.)

The first batch of sandsharks is located across the tiny pool of mud, after which the path splits in two. Head down the path on the right first, clearing out the sandshark nest and nearby sandsharks, for another split in the path. Take the split on the right across more mud to destroy this nest, then throw a Fusion Grenade at the weak wall to the right to reveal a quick path to a gold bolt. Exit back out across the mud and take the path on the right to a batch of sandsharks. Here, a jump slot allows Ratchet to wall jump up to the plateau in the center with two sandshark nests, easily cleared out with Proton Drums and the Pyrocitor.

Next, hop down across the pool of mud with three sandshark nests. Once these are all cleared out, take care of any remaining sandsharks. This will automatically take you to Skidd in his ship, where Skidd will grant you an autographed hoverboard. Take the elevator down to return to your ship.

If "Find Skidd's Agent" is already completed, Skidd and his agent will leave the planet in their ship. If not, completing this will complete this side quest.