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Locate Skid McMarx and Help Skid get to his ship are missions in Ratchet & Clank. Ratchet and Clank found coordinates to planet Aridia after purchasing an infobot from a mechanic, which showed Skidd McMarx and Skid's Agent under attack and crash landing on the planet. Upon landing, they found Skid and his escape pod nearby, promptly completing the mission "Locate Skid McMarx." Skid then asked them to escort him to his ship as he was unable to due to the sandsharks and a "sprained ankle." The two managed to clear out the entire area of sandsharks, clearing a path for Skid to get to his ship. In return, he presented them with a deluxe Z3000 Deluxe Hoverboard to use in the hoverboard races in Rilgar.


The Pyrocitor is recommended here if it has not been purchased yet, as the sandsharks dwell underground until you come near, making weapons like the Blaster less useful. The Bomb Glove can also be used, but is not very friendly when it comes to fire rate and ammunition cost. The OmniWrench is mainly a last resort, because although functional, it is too easy to become surrounded. There are at least 56 sandsharks and seven sandshark nests, enemies that will create more, up to a set limit, while always surrounded by other sandsharks. Sandsharks, as mentioned before, dwell underground and will swarm you when you get too close, while any nearby nest will try and replenish their fallen numbers.

The first batch of sandsharks is located close to Skid, across the tiny mudpool, after which the area splits into two, each direction will split again shortly after, with the outer left and right paths leading to a dead end (Skid's ship being on the left) and the inner right and left paths re-merging to form a loop. The first two nests are located on both of the split paths, with a third being located at the dead end on the right, and the fourth and fifth on the dead end on the left (at aforementioned Skid's ship). The final two are on top of the rock formation in the center of the loop.

Upon approaching the spot where the two split paths merge, you will be ambushed by a fairly large number of sandsharks that drop down from above. After fending them off, climb up the steps and take care of the last two nests and any remaining sandsharks before heading over to Skid's ship to complete the mission.