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Helios, the center of the Helios Program

Qwark holds the Helios Project blueprints

The Helios Project, also known as the Helios Program, was a plan devised by Artemis Zogg during his time as Galactic President of the Polaris Galaxy. It was intended to save planets from certain destructive situations such as supernovas, black holes, temporal rifts and galactic disasters in general. Designing a large machine with transdimensional capabilities, known as Helios, Zogg would move any planets in catastrophic danger to a safe place in the universe away from harm.

Helios under construction

Captain Qwark (in his massive ego) ended up changing his mind about supporting Artemis Zogg's re-election and decided to run to be the new Galactic President. Outraged by this, Zogg snapped when President Qwark then moved to shut down the Helios Program; due to his experiences with Tachyon and the Dimensionator, he believed that it was far too dangerous. Fueled with resentment, Zogg changed the aim of his program. Helios would be used to steal planets from various galaxies in order to construct a new galaxy for him to rule as President. This would be the Artemis Galaxy.

When Artemis Zogg was defeated and banished to Dimension A2-66, the Artemis Galaxy was never completed and the Helios Project was officially terminated once and for all.


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