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Head to the Bridge is a mission in Ratchet & Clank, taking place on board the Deplanetizer. When the Galactic Rangers attacked the Deplanetizer to stop it destroying Umbris, Captain Qwark suspiciously flew off to the Deplanetizer alone, saying he would "reason with" Alonzo Drek. Ratchet flew after Qwark into the Deplanetizer alone, though his ship was destroyed along the way. When he disabled security systems, he was able to reach the bridge and stop Drek.


Head through the open door to operate an elevator heading down. Take it down and hit the green button to open a room full of blarg troopers and blarg elite commandos. First, throw the Groovitron to prevent one accessing the turret nearby, then either use the turret or your weapons to clear the rest of the room of the reinforcements that arrive. Use the turret if you are struggling, but otherwise use your weapons to upgrade them. Robomutts will also arrive, easily defeated with the usual weapons, along with a warbot.

After all enemies are destroyed, a door will open in the room leading to the next large room, filled with warbots, blarg elite commandos, and blarg bombthrowers. Defeat them, obtain the holocard pack found at the end of the room on the upper level, and a door will open to the left on the end. When you head through, a versa-target will appear, so use your Swingshot to cross, reaching Drek's office. First, destroy all the planet models here with your OmniWrench to obtain the trophy, Character Assassination, then use the Trespasser on the an Invinco-Lock on the main terminal by the large planet hologram. Once used, a door will open on the other end leading to a corridor. Before you leave, a gold bolt can be found in the top of the room; look for the green button on the right from the office terminal is, shoot it, and then climb up the ledge that falls down and jump across the platforms to reach it. Afterwards, head through this corridor, dodging the lasers, and hit the button to open the next door.

Head through the door to a room filled with blarg troopers and blarg elite commandos, with some warbots arriving. Eventually, a door will open to the right, out of which robomutt reinforcements will arrive. Destroy them and head through, dodge the lasers, and use the Gadgetron vendor. If you can now afford the Glove of Doom, purchase it, as it is an extremely useful weapon against the next set of enemies. Spend all Raritanium on upgrades, and then take the elevator down to the final room.

This room contains cannonball tanks as well as blarg troopers, easily defeated using the usual weapons, with the Glove of Doom able to defeat the tanks. Reinforcements arrive, including robomutts, and two warbots perched on an upper level near the end of the room. Destroy them with a ranged weapon, such as the Plasma Striker, or take the Swingshot up to defeat them on the ledge. Then, the door at the end of this room will open, with a final set of reinforcements, including blarg bombthrowers and another cannonball tank. Destroy them and move on to the final area.

When you enter, a cutscene will commence as the mission finishes. You will be returned to Veldin, and the next mission will be "Get to the Gadgetron HQ" on Kalebo III.