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Whoa! I think I'm working for the wrong side.

The Head Goon upon seeing Clank's hi-tech ship turn into a submarine, SAC

The Head Goon was a henchman of the Kingpin, who was actually Klunk in disguise. He captured the Venantonio scientist, whom the Kingpin forced to build a large laser for him to use with the Eye of Infinity. He intimidated the scientist in order to motivate him to work faster when the Kingpin said he was behind schedule. Agent Clank soon came to rescue the scientist and punched the Goon onto a table.

The Head Good inside the vault

In the bolt vault on Fort Sprocket, he was in charge of the Kingpin's large scale bolt-robbery operation. As payback for Clank punching him in the science lab, he shot the lock of the vault's door and sealed him in; however, the Agency Gadgebots managed to free Clank. The secret agent later caught the Head Goon on Hydrano in a high-speed chase. Clank forced him to give up the location of his boss, and he told him that Klunk had an Underwater Base in the sea. He pointed out that there was no way to reach the headquarters without a submarine. He was impressed when Clank's ship suddenly turned into one, and stated he believed he was working on the wrong side.

The Head Goon tries to strangle the Venantonio Scientist


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