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Harvesters were machines designed to extract energy from the surface of suns or lava filled planets. Due to needing to fulfill this job, they were built to withstand the heat of a sun.


Space pirate harvester

Space pirate harvesters were Harvesters built to extract warm magma from the surface of suns or lava filled planets. Built by the Space Pirates, dozens could be found orbiting several stars in Rakar Star Cluster extracting fresh magma. When Ratchet and Clank passed through the area, they laid waste to dozens of Pirate Harvesters, much to the distraught of the Space Pirates. While Harvesters are not designed for combat, Aphelion could take damage from these structures if Aphelion smashed into one, or if Aphelion flew into the area where magma was being extracted at. The best way to avoid either fate was to destroy them before you passed them.

GrummelNet plasma harvester

The GrummelNet plasma harvester was a massive harvester owned by GrummelNet which collected plasma for use in the GrummelNet plasma park and torture dungeon on planet Proteus VII.