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The Hacker is a gadget in Up Your Arsenal used by the Q-Force which can bypass firewalls, encryption codes and security bolts to activate specific terminals or operate machinery. It is used in a specific hacker terminal, and starts a minigame which the player must complete to bypass the door.

The Hacker is used first by Skidd McMarx and later obtained by Ratchet after completing VR training on board the Starship Phoenix.

Unlike the Trespasser and Infiltrator, quick reflexes and timing were required to get past firewalls, encryption codes, and security bolts. It retrieved important data, unlocked doors, and activated devices.



Ratchet accessing a Hacker terminal

In order to hack through terminals, the player must collect green code snippets using the tractor beam that travels down wires to the core. Red defense programs must also be destroyed using a cannon, as the round will reset if one reaches the outside. Indestructible blue defenses protect objects below them on a wire for a set period of time.

Hacker minigames automatically adjust to reduce their difficulty each time the player fails to complete them. If the player crouches in front of a Hacker terminal, they can replay the puzzle at full difficulty.[1]

Behind the scenes

The Hacker's puzzles were designed by the game Tempest. They were designed to address a development issue with the Electrolyzer puzzles; Electrolyzer puzzles took hours to develop and were bug prone, whereas Hacker puzzles would be easily generated and authored by developers. This allowed a Hacker puzzle generator to appear in the Insomniac Museum.[1]