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The Gyro-cycle was a motorcycle like gadget that which used a huge ring as a wheel. It was developed by the Center for Advanced Lombax Research. Riding through hypergates gave the Gyro-cycle an instant speed burst. Bumping in to crates on the Gyro-cycle would break them open. To begin using the Gyro-cycle, it had to be activated from a Gyro Launcher. Once activated, the Gyro Launcher would catapult the Gyro-cycle into the air. The Gyro-cycle would automatically deactivate when its rider reached his desired destination.

Use by Ratchet

The Gyro-cycle was purchased from the Smuggler by Ratchet for 5,000 bolts. The Smuggler had previously bought the Gyro-cycle from a Lombax (presumably Kaden) who modified the Gyro-cycle with a terrathruster. The terrathruster gave the Gyrocycle an instant speed burst, allowing the user to cover more ground faster.

Used on


  • Left analog stick: move the Gyro-cycle.
  • X: engage the terrrathruster for a speed burst.
  • Triangle: launch from a Gyro Launcher.

Behind the scenes

The Gyro-cycle was originally going to be a SIXAXIS controlled vehicle. However, after extensive testing, Insomniac found that the precision that they wanted for the Gyro-cycle required the analog stick.[1]

Gyro-cycles are mentioned to be among the items that will be stocked in the McMarx Sports Shack in the 2016 re-imagined game.[2]


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