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Gun turrets are enemies in Size Matters and Secret Agent Clank. In the former, they are fought in the Surgical Facility on Medical Outpost Omega, during "Escape the medical facility", and are also seen in the Clone Factory's lobby on Quodrona during "Find Otto Destruct". In the latter they are fought at the Skyline Rooftops on Asyanica. They are automated technomite security turrets with a pair of quad-barreled cannons, that fire two pairs of blasts. Several of those encountered on the Medical Outpost are only activated by pressure sensitive platforms.

Gun turrets have an average rate of fire, but their attacks do not travel very fast, and they are incredibly slow to turn around, making them only passably dangerous in long corridors. They can be manned by Robotic Control Units, as well as shielded by medic bots. In case of the former their rate of fire dramatically increases, but their turn rate remains ineffectual, letting them easily be flanked or bypassed. Normally, they can be destroyed by the Lacerator or a similar ranged weapon, but when shielded by medic bots, they can be more challenging opponents, especially when supported by multiple enemies. In such cases it is best to use the Agents of Doom or Bee Mine Glove to deal with the unshielded enemies while focusing on defense maneuvers.

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