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Guard torsos[1] are enemies in Size Matters fought in the Jowai Resort, Pokitaru, and in the Mechanoid Factory on Kalidon. They are green technomite robots with a broad upper body, arms that can swap into ranged laser weapons, and a Robotic Control Unit that makes up the head. After the torso is destroyed, the Robotic Control Unit will sometimes crawl out of the wreckage and attack on their own. Ratchet and Clank fought them during "Rescue the girl!" on Pokitaru, when they attacked the resort and abducted Luna, taking her to Kalidon.[2] There, Ratchet fought them again during "Search the factory", where they were often activated while as part of a display case or even while still on the assembly line.

They also encountered a large group on the hidden titanium bolt path at Junkyard LXIV on Metalis.

Guard torsos are the first ranged enemies fought in the game. They are fairly durable, firing two pairs of relatively slow laser slugs from their arms with a decent range. When up close they will use their arms to swat at foes while they spin around. On Pokitaru technomite dropships were used to drop guard torsos on the resort. They are capable of floating above water, and on their own, will attack buildings and scuttle crabs. In combat, Ratchet must strafe to avoid their fire, and fire the Lacerator from a distance to defeat them. When clustered together, the Acid Bomb Glove can be effective against them.

Behind the scenes

The guard torso resembles the Megacorp Robot Guard from Going Commando and the guard bot from Up Your Arsenal in design. This had been designed by Insomniac developer Colin Munson as a simple enemy design to save time, and had been internally known as the "flying robot torso".[3] The guard torsos may be a reference to this previous enemy, or similarly used for time-saving purposes.



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