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Guard bots[1] are enemies in Up Your Arsenal. Ratchet and Clank first fought them in the research facility on Daxx, later on the Obani Pollux moon, and finally at the crash site on Zeldrin. They are giant flying robots that patrol Dr. Nefarious' affiliated areas and fire dual machine guns from their arms. Their machine guns have a very long range and can defeat Ratchet quite easily if not dealt with.


Guard bots were first fought on Daxx, on the island where Ratchet and Clank landed their Star Explorer, guarding the path that led them to the Charge Boots. The bots were also fought during the mission "Infiltrate the Weapons Facility", in which they patrolled the balconies around the weapons facility before Ratchet obtained the plans for the Biobliterator.

The guard bots were next fought on Obani Pollux during the mission "Explore the Second Moon", where they patrolled the moon as Ratchet attempted to find the third Obani moon. After this, they were fought once more as they were guarding the crash site on Zeldrin during "Explore the Crash Site".


Guard bots are giant, humanoid robots with a large torso, jets in place of legs, and dual machine guns in place of hands. They are well-armored on their shoulders, and their armor will fall off as they take damage. They are more often than not either hidden in a hiding spot, or warped in into such an area, before they then fly in to defend their position as Ratchet approaches. Then, they will fire their machine guns rapidly until running out of ammo, at which point they will briefly reload before firing again.


Ratchet facing a guard bot.

Guard bots will fire their long-range machine guns at Ratchet, and their gunfire will follow him at fairly long distances. The gunfire can be dodged by running faster, and if the bots are hit with a hard enough blast, they will be temporarily staggered. They are best defeated with powerful weapons such as the Flux Rifle, Annihilator, or Disc Blade Gun, though failing this, most long-range weapons are effective. The Holoshield Glove can prove useful in taking up some of their fire while you are trying to fire back.

Behind the scenes

Guard bots were known internally as "giant robot torsos", and were introduced in Daxx to replace two cut enemies in the optional segment, which were crate-throwing apes and swarmers that would crawl up into a ball. The design of a "flying robot torso" was introduced by Colin Munson, the designer of Daxx, to keep the design of the replacement enemy extremely simple.[2] These replaced enemies were showcased in the Insomniac Museum.

The flying torso design was reused from another design that Colin Munson had made in Going Commando, the Megacorp Robot Guard.



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