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Tools of Destruction

A Grunthor was a huge carnivorous land based Basilisk Leviathan relative native to planet Sargasso. Each contained a Leviathan Soul and raritanium. They attacked by shooting fireballs from their mouths, jabbing with their tusks, or by stomping their feet if their prey got too close. With their powerful attacks, anyone unlucky enough to disturb them had to stay light on his feet to avoid the possibility of rapid death. In addition, their saliva was one of the most corrosive substances in the Polaris galaxy.

There are 16 Grunthors on planet Sargasso.

Rift Apart

There are Grunthors in Rivet's dimension as well, living on an alternative dimension Sargasso. They roam and nap in the fields of the Morts' Gelatonium refineries and will attack anybody who runs into them like Rivet and the Goons-4-Less mercenaries. They attack by using their shovel-like horns to scoop out large chunks of the ground and hurl it towards their enemies, corrosive biting, stamping their feet and creating shockwaves and performing a running charge at opponents.

They were once considered endangered, until the Nefarious Empire cracked down on poaching which caused the Grunthor's numbers to swell greatly.

The Space Pirates had fighting a Grunthor named Snoojax as the second part of their pirate trials theme park at Ardolis' Skull Mountain. However the Grunthor feeder machine was broken and it had starved to death, leaving a pile of bones and the trial temporarily out of order.

One is seen sleeping in a cage at Zordoom Prison.

Occasionally when using the RYNO 8, a Grunthor will fall out of one of the dimensional rifts it creates and land on an opponent, creating a large, damaging shockwave.

Undead Grunthors

The collapsing of the dimensions brought about by the Dimensionator's destruction had caused undead skeletal creatures from a nightmare dimension with a blue flame in their bone bodies and glowing red eyes, to begin breaking through rifts to Rivet's dimension and attacking indiscriminately. Amongst these creatures was a skeletal variant of the Grunthors, called "Undead Grunthors", incapable of feeling pain with boosted durability, damage output and ferocity. One of which named Sue, was used by Zurkon Jr. in Zurkie's Battleplex in the Bronze Cup challenge "A Grunthor Named Sue" along with undead Skeletal Sandsharks and is fought again later in the Gold Cup challenge "Twice as Nice".

After Emperor Nefarious' overuse of the new Dimensionator, a great number more of these creatures appeared, including another undead Grunthor who is fought on Savali in the catacombs, along with several undead skeletal variations of the Goons-4-Less, called "Undead Goons" and nicknamed "Bone Goons" by Ratchet.