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Ratchet fighting an orange Grungoth in Full Frontal Assault

Grungoths were strong gorilla-like reptilian creatures with small wings on their backs. They relied on aggressive brute force and were native to the polar regions of planets and would appear as enemies in them.

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One

Grungoths were originally native to Ebaro, but were later introduced Polar Sea of planet Magnus by the Minions. They tended to travel in packs of four, led by an Alpha Grungoth. They usually attacked by jumping into the air and smashing the ground with their fists and swing their tails.

Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault

Warning. Severe temperature drop has lured Grungoths to this region.

QForce Computer, FFA

Orange Grungoths were native to the Polar areas of Ebaro, but after Zurgo unleashed a huge snowstorm upon the planet, the Grungoths were found in even the forested areas alone and became enemies. They would jump and smash on to you with their fist if you came too close. Although this attack doesn't do much damage, it is almost impossible to dodge.

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According to concept art, this species was originally going to be called the Manic Barilla; however, it was later renamed to the Grungoth.[1]


A purple Grungoth

  • Mungo had a similar appearance to the Grungoths, and may have been a mutated one.
  • Ironically, Grungoths share the first part of their name with Grungarians and Grungoids.
  • While the Grungoths in All 4 One were purplish blue and travelled in packs of four, the Grungoths in Full Frontal Assault were reddish orange and travelled alone.
  • Red Grungoths also apperard in All 4 One, although they were covered with yellow spikes.



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