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A Grungoid Turret enemy, currently submerged underground until enemy presence is near

Grungoid Turrets were enemies in Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault, they were Grungoids who used rapid fire turrets to guard outposts.

Description and abilities

While most Grungoids served as cheap cannon fodder for assaults, some Grungoids served on the defense role, operating small turrets around key nodes, Planetary Defense Centers or key interest areas on the battlefield. When a threat was not near, the turret with the Grungoid operator hid under the ground, with only it's upper head being visible. If the Turret Grungoid spotted an intruder, it would rise out the ground and would begin to spray the battlefield with rapid fire fusion bursts. They posed quite a threat to Q-Force members with other Grungarians for support, luckily they weren't very tough, and if a player ran out of ammo, the player can easily kill them with his wrench or fist.

An Elite version appeared on Ebaro during your second visit known as a Elite Grungoid Turret, which had two rapid fire barrels rather than one.

Unlike the typical model, this turret contained two barrels for twice the firepower. They were often supporting other stronger Grungoids and these turrets tended to be place in areas with limited mobility, making it easier for them to hit targets. The Grungoid operating the turret was also equipped with better armor, meaning it could withstand twice the firepower the player can dish out on it.

Elite Grungoid Turrets first appeared against the QForce in the second trip to the Hidden City of Balkai on planet Ebaro, replacing weaker Grungoid Turrets.


In multiplayer, Turret Grungoids protected Nodes across the battlefield, colored green when they were aligned with any team. Upon capturing the Node, they would then serve the player, turning either red or blue depending on which team captured the node.

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