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Concept art of two early Grungoids

Grungoids were tiny Grungarians that attacked in swarms.[1] The Q-Force trio had to defend themselves against Grungoids on various planets.

Description and Abilities

Grungoids are the smallest type of Grungarian; in addition, they are also the only non-bipedal type of Grungarian. Moving about on six small legs, Grungoids are either blue, green or purple in color. Grungoids only have one large eye, unlike the other type of Grungarian's that either have two or more. The Grungoid has an underbite full of sharp teeth, but the Grungoid doesn't use them to attack the Q-Force. Instead, the Grungoid uses an armored helmet with a mace on top to attack, jumping into the air and having the mace on top of its helmet slam down on its foe. These attacks from a Grungoid posse a serious threat to generators in QForce Base's, luckily Grungoids are incredibly weak, being dispatched with a single hit from any weapon. One to two Pyro Turrets for each side of a QForce Base should take care of any Grungoids attempting to invade the base. During early assaults on the QForce Base's by the Grungarian Marauders, these enemies typical are sent first. They tend to be in groups of 10, often with Grungarian Brawlers right behind them when invading a QForce Base.

Grungoids first appear on Korgon Refinery, planet Markazia. They are later replaced by Elite Grungoids on the player's second visit to Hidden City of Balkai on planet Ebaro.

Elite Grungoids were Grungoids that had been equipped with better armor than standard Grungoids. Unlike standard Grungoids, they could withstand an additional punch or wrench swing. Otherwise, Elite Grungoids acted just like regular Grungoids.

These Grungarians first appeared at the GrummelNet Plasma Harvester, Proteus VII, along with standard Grungoids. They then completely replaced standard Grungoids in further combat against the QForce in the Hidden City of Balkai, planet Ebaro, second visit.


Grungoids can be purchased in Squad Phase by the player to be used in Base Invasion Phase to attack the opposing teams base. They cost 500 bolts for 10 Grungoids in a single squad; however, additional Grungoids are dispatched for free, regardless of squad choice. Elite Grungoids were also available as an upgrade, that cost 800 Bolts.

Notes and references

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