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Grungarian Wrecking Drones approaching the base.

The QForce computer., FFA

Grungarian Wrecking Drones were Grungarian machines that carried giant explosives, basically acting like Seekers. The Grungarian Wreck Drone would activate the bomb by slamming the explosive down on its target, causing it to explode. This explosion can kill a Q-Force member instantly, destroy a Q-Force turret or destroy a Q-Force Generator. Typically these robots were sent to destroy Generators, which makes them a more serious threat then any other enemy, because they can destroy them in one explosion. Not all Grungarian Wrecking Drones are assigned suicide runs toward the Q-Force Base, others go after the Q-Force. The main weakness of the Wrecking Drone is it moves slower then most other enemies, but it still is fairly fast. Grungarian Wrecking Drones first appear on the GrummelNet Plasma Harvester on Proteus VII in Full Frontal Assault.


Grungarian Wrecking Drones are by far the most dangerous enemy around, especially when defending a base, even more than a Grungarian Tank. When shooting at them, make sure to stay out the "red circle of death" that the robots have surrounding them, that will be the blast radius for the explosion. If you have turrets near in the entrances, kill the Wrecking Drone before it reaches the entrance, or the resulting explosion will destroy the turrets. Grungarian Wrecking Drones can be used against the Grungarian Marauders by causing them to explode in between ranks of other Grungarian invaders. The Cryoshot was especially effective against Wrecking Drones as it would freeze them instead of destroying them, thus avoiding the explosion.


Grungarian Wrecking Drones appear in multiplayer of the Full Frontal Assault, and are purchased as an upgrade to the Grungarian Brawler that costs 1200 Bolts. They can be bought during the Squad Phase for 800 bolts each to be used against the opposing team's base. They function exactly like typical Wrecking Drones of the normal campaign mode.


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