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A concept art of a Grungarian Soldier

Grungarian Soldiers were tough Grungarians armed with gatling guns.


Grungarian Soldiers serve as the main stay infantry, although they appear in less numbers then the Grungoids and Grungarian Brawlers. Armed with a rapid fire gatling gun, Grungarian Soldier lay down heavy rapid fire upon the Q-Force. They very dangerous in close quarters combat since they can easily hit their foes. Some Grungarian Soldiers are equipped with jetpacks, which allows them to lay down fire from above. Grungarian Soldiers are clever among Grungarians; they often change positions to attack quarry, and are often stay in groups of three for support. While they do appear in assaults against the QForce Base with fellow Grungarian Marauders, they rarely do so compared to other units, and never using jetpacks to enter the base, preferring to charge the base on foot. They tend to instead to defend key nodes, Planetary Defense Centers or other key areas of interest.

Grungarian Soldiers are first encountered on Ebaro during your first visit, and are replaced by Elite Grungarian Soldiers during the second visit to Ebaro.

The Elite Grungarian Soldier acted and basically looked like a normal Grungarian Soldier, but it was far more dangerous. The gatling guns that were used by these enemies were far superior to the older models that were used by the standard Grungarian Soldier. Instead of firing in a straight line, the shots would home in on the Q-Force, which made them incredibly dangerous, especially in close quarters combat. Besides their improved armor and weapons, they basically acted just like the previous Grungarian Soldiers: they used jetpacks and typically stayed on the defensive rather than on the offensive.

Elite Grungarian Soldiers are first encountered on your second visit to the Hidden City of Balkai, planet Ebaro, where they replace the standard Grungarian Soldiers.

Into the Nexus

The cut level.

There was a cut level from Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus in which Ratchet walks down a hallway and encounters two Grungarian Soldiers. This level was cut, and Soldiers never ended up appearing in the game.[1]


Multiplayer skin (blue team colors)

Grungarian Soldiers are not available in Base Invasion Mode, since they cannot be purchased. However, they appeared in The Hidden City of Balkai, defending Node One. They appear green when not aligned with a team, but change red or blue depending on who's team captures the node. As of patch 1.04, they have been replaced by Grungarian Brawlers

A Grungarian Soldier is a skin in Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault multiplayer.

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