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Concept Art of a Grungarian Demolitionist

Grungarian Demolitionists were Grungarians armed with large grenade launchers.


Grungarian Demolitionists first appeared on the first trip the QForce made to Ebaro, and were later phased out and replaced by the Elite Grungarian Demolitionist during their second visit to the planet.

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Description and abilities

Grungarian Demolitionists were armed with powerful and large grenade launchers, similar to the Plasmabomb Launcher. Demolitionists typically attacked the QForce bases in pairs. The rounds fired from their weapons were highly harmful to Ratchet, Clank and Qwark. Where the grenades from their weapons land was determined by a red target spot that appeared on the ground. If an opponent moved too close, the Demolitionist would slam their gun down on the player. Grungarian Demolitionists; however, possessed a larger threat to QForce Base defenses such as turrets and barriers. Grungarian Demolitionists made a special effort to take out QForce Base turret defenses, making the journey to the base easier for fellow Grungarian Marauders. In addition, they also were a large threat to Generators, as it only took them a few seconds to destroy one. This was expounded by the fact they moved very fast and were heavily armored, which required heavy weapons to make them stop in their tracks. They took a while to reload their weapons after firing however, where they were particularly vulnerable.

While they acted and looked basically the same as typical Grungarian Demolitionists, their armor was far more resistant to enemy fire, which made them a serious threat to bases. The grenade launcher range had been greatly improved, which allowed them to bombard foes with even greater ease.


During base invasions, the player should focus on them the most, often even over the larger Grungarian Tanks, Grungarian Bombers and Missile Minions, since they move much slower. The only major weakness of the Grungarian Demolitionist is the fact it must waste up to 6 seconds reloading it's gun, making it an easy target for well place gunfire.


Multiplayer skin (blue team colors)

Grungarian Demolitionists appear in Multiplayer; which can be purchased for use in Base Invasion Phase, at a cost 1,000 bolts per pair. In addition, some Grungarian Demolitionists defend certain Nodes; appearing green as computer controlled. Upon capturing a node, they will turn red or blue depending on whose team they are aligned with. The Elite Grungarian Demolitionists can also be purchased for base invasion, which discontinues the use of regular Grungarian Demolitionists in Base Invasion Phase; though ones defending nodes remain regular Grungarian Demolitionists.

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