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Grungarian Brawlers were tough melee-centric Grungarians that were sent to planet Ebaro as part of a mercenary army.[1]

Description and abilities

Brawlers are a unique type of Grungarian, resembling purple, multi-eyed bipedal squids. They have a beak like mouth and have several eyes, seven most likely, but they might have eight, nine or even ten. Brawlers attack foes with long tentacle arms with retractable spikes at the end of said tentacles. They will either smash them together, slam them down on the ground, or spin them around. Grungarian Brawlers serve as standard foes for the Grungarian Marauders, either leading an assault or patrolling key areas. Most weapons due well on them, especially the Combuster. All Grungarian Brawlers are equipped with jetpacks, and are known to use them when entering the battlefield, they do not fight in the air however.

Grungarian Brawlers first appear on Korgon Refinery, planet Markazia. By the second trip to Ebaro, they are replaced by Elite Grungarian Brawlers.

In their red colored armor, Elite Grungarian Brawlers can withstand twice as much enemy fire then normal Grungarian Brawlers. In addition, instead of using their bare hands, or in their case, tentacles, they have metal boxing cloves instead. When they do their normal attacks using these metal boxing cloves, it creates a small shockwave, making their attacks much more damaging. Besides new armor and stronger attacks, they act and look basically the same as standard Grungarian Brawlersand thus be treated like one but with more vigor.

Elite Grungarian Brawlers first appear on the second trip to the Hidden City of Balkai, planet Ebaro, replacing the Grungarian Brawlers.


Multiplayer skin (blue colors)

Grungarian Brawlers appear in multiplayer, defending most nodes throughout the level. They are colored green instead of purple when defending nodes; however, they turn red or blue depending on which team takes the node. They can also be purchased in Squad Phase for Base Invasion Phase. They cost 800 bolts for four Grungarian Brawlers, being the second cheapest squad member to purchase besides the Grungoid.


  • When not pressed into service, Grungarian Brawlers can be seen doing push-ups, or if there is another Grungarian Brawler near him, boxing one another for sport.

Behind the scenes

Grungarian Brawler concept art

Concept art for the Grungarian Brawler showed a very similar design with slightly lighter, pinker skin colors.[2]

Notes and references